Talented Actress and Model Alexandra Creteau Hopes to Make a Positive Difference in the World Through Her Craft

Some people pursue their dreams with such a fervent passion that they’re bound to succeed no matter what. Such is the case for the beautiful and talented Ukrainian model and actress Alexandra Creteau. Born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Alexandra grew up mostly within her home country, studying Civil and Criminal Law there up until the age of 18, where she relocated to Russia with her family.

Alexandra Creteau and her family relocated to Russia to be closer with their relatives and extended family. Three years later, when she turned 21 years old, Alexandra moved to the United States and deeply fell in love with acting and modeling. Nowadays, she is thoroughly immersed in both industries, where she has found some relative success with her career. 

She thoroughly enjoys participating in modeling gigs, and she also became a fashion and lifestyle influencer through her Instagram page and her YouTube vlog on her channel, Dalex Vlogs. Alexandra Creteau’s remarkable personality has managed to captivate thousands of loyal fans as she continues to spread her inspirational message to them to become the best versions of themselves.

Above all else, acting has always been a lifelong dream for Alexandra. She has performed in a variety of short films and Indie films that put her acting talents on full display. The talented actress has appeared in films such as The Imperfect Seduction (2013), which she wrote, directed, and acted in. She also acted in the Night of the Naked Dead (2012) and, more recently, Bloody Hands (2021).

She aspires to hone her craft even more as she keeps growing in all aspects of her life. Further down the line, she hopes to improve as a social media influencer, a creative artist, an inspirational actress, and a positive human being overall. Alexandra Creteau dreams of making a positive difference in the world, and she is using her platform to advocate for her goals.

Currently, Alexandra has amassed a massive following on her various social media platforms. She has more than 9,000 subscribers on her English YouTube channel and 295,000 followers on Instagram. Furthermore, on her two Russian YouTube channels, she has over 60,000 followers and counting.

Alexandra Creteau has also been extremely busy on the acting side of things. She fondly recalls the short films Vicious Circle and Imperfect Seduction as projects that are dear to her heart. Both films are well-shot short films that are famous for their great story twists. Both movies have to be seen to be fully appreciated, but they’re in a totally different class of their own.

Actress, influencer, vlogger Alexandra Creteau is non-stop. She consistently creates high-quality content for all of her fans to see, coming up with brand-new ideas each and every time. “As an actress, I face a lot of adversity as well. If there was one thing that would lead to an actor’s improvement more than anything else, it would be overcoming their fears,” says Alexandra. “It is our fears that hold us back from every element of great acting. I always try to push myself to work on my American accent, work on challenging screenplays, and explore characters outside of my comfort zone,” she adds.

To know more about the amazing Alexandra, make sure to check out her IMDB page. For more live updates, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube vlog.

A Star Is Born: Sarah Kpossa on Her Social Media and Modelling Rise

Social media influencers heavily populate channels nowadays, but some stand out and shine amid all the noise. One star that has stood out is Sarah Kpossa, a french model, influencer, and social media personality who has been quickly growing as a professional spokesperson and brand ambassador. 

The influencer broke through the barriers of the mundane after catching Steven “Chance” Breter’s attention on Instagram. Chance is best known for his international streetwear brand CHANCE PARIS, which has become one of today’s most luxurious brands in the world of rap, street culture, and the urban lifestyle. After crossing paths with the fashion icon and entrepreneur, Sarah Kpossa received the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to have an international business owner represent her. 

Chance started managing Sarah’s career, further growing her influence and helping her win the hearts of tens of thousands of fans and followers from all over the world. The manager would also sign her on to his embroidered luxury streetwear brand and hire her as an official ambassador. Sarah Kpossa would also take on a managerial role in her company and start receiving mentoring and coaching as she hopes to also launch her brand of clothing and fashion in the future. 

Ever since her career began, Sarah has worked with many of the biggest fashion names, including brands like Sixth June, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly, and Lounge Underwear, among many others. Today, she is also working on a unique cosmetic product line under the brand name KPOSSA BEAUTY. “I want to expand myself and do a lot of things with my life,” shares Sarah Kpossa. Sarah is highly passionate about building her empire and her brand. She has the drive to become a prevalent force in fashion in France and the world.

Sarah Kpossa is also a hard worker with a knack for customer experience. As an influencer on Instagram and other platforms, she takes time to answer many of her followers herself. “I think it’s important because some of them look up to you and want to get advice,” shares the social media personality. Most importantly, Sarah makes it a point to remain humble despite her fame and exudes a down-to-earth disposition to people she meets online and face-to-face. She is natural and authentic and puts a lot of emphasis on being herself on social media, especially when people tend to bloat their lifestyles on their profiles.

Sarah believes all she has received today has been a gracious blessing and never takes any of their privileges and responsibilities for granted. She hopes to do more in the next few years, including grow KPOSSA BEAUTY into a massive makeup brand and start other business ventures simultaneously.

When she isn’t taking time to grow her social media channels, working on her business, or modeling for some of her clients, she takes time to give back to the community and volunteer in various social causes. Sarah Kpossa also loves basketball and plays center in her local town of Walbourg.

To learn more about Sarah Kpossa, visit her Instagram account and website.

Tyrone Evans Clark (TEC): a Polymath Breaking the Boundaries of Imaginations

Tyrone Evans Clark (a.k.a TEC) is an accomplished video game developer and a 3D animator, Tyrone is also a renowned Multi-Award Winner entertainer, teacher, actor, model, singer, writer, author, producer, and director originally from Illinois, Chicago. A remarkable entrepreneur,  Tyrone is the founder and chief executive officer of Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC). 

Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC) is a technical, interactive media, branding, and entertainment company that focuses on going beyond the imagination with technology, with the utmost focus on creating epic, interactive gaming, and entertaining experience.

At Tyrone Evans Clark LLC, Mr. Clark successfully manages over 100 core team members of the company focusing on creating innovative designs and building an excellent story creation platform through teamwork.

Tyrone has over ten years of work experience, including working in a creative studio at Qualcomm as a core team member. At the organization, he applied his skills in creating productive pipelines with python and C++ using Maya Tools for 9K9 Interactive’s Fighting Game AAA Title.

Aside being a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Tyrone’s filmography skills includes the acting, production, and direction of the award-winning film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series on BINGE Networks) in 2020. 

The epic movie is a story that reflects Tyrone’s difficult childhood, his experience with homelessness,  and his journey to the top. Playing the lead character of Sam, Tyrone portrayed the struggle of a young boy forced to live on the streets while battling mental illness. The movie was well received as evident in the view numbers, and it won multiple awards for its great plot, acting, and direction. 

On top of that Tyrone made sure a few of his original songs “Gotta Get Some Tissue” and along with other songs such as “Hope”, “‎Look Me in My Eyes”, and “Video Game” were added in this outstanding film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series) soundtrack. The executive producer/director/actor also featured in the Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw in 2019, Netflix Magic for Humans (2020), the tv series E! Entertainment’s Dating #NoFilter in 2019, etc.

Also, Tyrone’s first young adult-fantasy-action novel, Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love, just got published on Amazon Prime Books. 

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a story that takes place around the 17th century in South Auckland, which is located in New Zealand. During this period, people were forced to fight against the evil fiends (demons/evil spirits). Throughout this story, the readers are taken on an adventure in the eyes of Virtuous, who is one of the heroes of this story and along with a few more interesting characters (Kings, Demons, Fiends, Evil Princesses). And let’s not forget the Demonic Evil Witch Immoral, who has tons of twisted things up her sleeves.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a book series and will be available on other platforms soon such as Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple Books, etc.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love is a book series, and the second book will be coming out soon. All of the illustrations and graphics in this book is 100% made by Tyrone. Tyrone said, “I hope the readers love this novel because I put my soul in it and there are a few areas in there that I mention Black Lives Matter, ending racism and discrimination in this world.”

Tyrone even has a popular podcast titled CALL TYRONE!!!, which is available on just about every streaming platform. On this podcast, Tyrone Evans Clark talks about his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, along with random things that unexpectedly come to his mind.

Clark told us a spoiler alert on his up-and-coming first documentary feature The Corona Hour! The Corona Hour! is a delicious documentary hosted by himself who shares stories about people living in the time of COVID-19. It will be a film made up of cartoon animation and live-action footage.

To learn more about Tyrone Evans Clark, you may visit his company’s or his Official Amazon Author Bio Page, FilmFreeway, or IMDb.

Rae Serbeck on the Power of Taking Chances and Keeping the Faith

More and more people are thinking about attaining security instead of grabbing the opportunity. It seems that they are more concerned with death than living their lives to the fullest. However, most of these individuals fail to realize that grabbing opportunities do not equate to taking risks. Unlike risks, chances are like possible means for people to map out the rest of their lives and subsequently achieve their goals. In other words, they serve as blueprints that potentially guide them towards victory. So, instead of looking at these windows as dangerous risks, people should start seeing them as a chance to climb the summits of success. And being of those who believe in the power of an opportunity, Rae Serbeck takes the modeling industry by storm.

Highly recognized as one of the most sought-after male models in the industry, Rae Serbeck sufficiently shows how far grabbing opportunities propelled him towards success. And although his journey had its fair share of struggles and trials along the way, Rae was determined to achieve his dreams. Now, as he zeroes in towards the top with his newfound venture and tenacious spirit, Rae sheds light on how he climbed to the peak of victory in the modeling industry with only his will to move forward, coupled with a pocketful of dreams.

Fueled by his unparalleled passion for getting ahead, Rae Serbeck started modeling back in December 2017, when Utah Fashion Show, which is run by LA Talent, had asked him to try out. Even though Rae had no experience in modeling, he packed his bags, worked hard, and proved that he could do it. And as time went by, the chance to work for such a reputable brand ultimately bolstered him towards collaborating with different runway organizations that elevated his career in just eight months.

However, constantly working for agencies and organizations led him to realize that he was prepared to take on the industry by himself. Determined to take his career to another level, Rae Serbeck fearlessly plunged into freelance modeling – where he found his niche that ultimately launched him towards greater heights.

Ever since he left and decided to dive into freelance, Rae Serbeck has become one of the industry’s most sought-after independent models. And after collaborating with some high-profile companies, Rae eventually landed a feature in a Local Magazine based in Utah called Inspired Magazine. His career rapidly grew and transformed afterward, with 20 magazines featuring his face on their pages like Vanity Wall, MARIKA, and B-Louder RED Magazine.

Aside from his modeling career, Rae Serbeck also planned to succeed in some fields. So, when an opportunity to further himself in the industry came knocking at his door, Rae quickly dove into it without second thoughts. Rae is not only a renowned model but also a respected writer in some international magazines, such as Elixir by Royel. He uses this platform to talk on important issues like bullying, racism, antisemitism’s impact on society, and others. As a matter of fact, Rae has recently released a piece on dealing with personal battles and drug addiction on Elixir by Royel’s November issue.

With everything that he has achieved, Rae Serbeck catalyzes change for those who did not believe in the power of taking chances. As he continues to climb the summits of success, Rae hopes to see more and more people chase and fulfill their dreams through his tale of trials and triumphs.

To know more about Rae Serbeck, you may visit his website or Instagram account.

Peter Stelling on Inspiring Others and Pursuing Self-Growth as an Artist

Hand in hand with the pursuit of dreams is the inevitable face-off with life challenges that may prevent people from realizing their goals. But for Peter Stelling, these deterrents should only serve as sources of lessons, and people aspiring to become someone and achieve something must continue on their way forward to success.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Peter Stelling is a singer-songwriter, model, and actor who has been making a buzz lately in the entertainment industry. This emerging artist is no stranger to highly competitive arenas. As the youngest out of five brothers, he is intimately familiar with the struggle of trying to keep up and living up to expectations.  

The environment where he grew in led him to believe that life revolves around competing against others and coming out in the end as the best. But he eventually learned that growth is not about trumping over one’s fears. Instead, the emphasis should be on putting in the effort to become a better version of oneself. And evolve, Peter Stelling did. 

Currently, this rising star has been able to build a solid fan base through his stellar work as an entertainer. Boasting multiple talents that allow him to stand out, he pours his vision, creativity, and passion into every venture. And armed with the mission to serve as an icon of inspiration for other aspirants worldwide, Peter Stelling always makes sure to infuse a much-needed message of encouragement in his initiatives.

On top of motivating people to overcome the roadblocks in their ways, this multi-faceted personality also reminds others to have faith in their strengths and embrace opportunities for personal development. In his case, it was his refusal to settle for mediocrity that pushed him to focus time and energy in several areas, from sports, music, and arts, to his education. Admittedly, he could not claim to have demonstrated self-confidence in any of these fields at the get-go. Still, Peter Stelling believes that if there is one major takeaway from his efforts to transform into the person he wants to be, it is that doubts do not contribute to growth. 

This budding entertainment household name aims to cement his standing by pushing the entertainment and music industry forward with his creative outputs in the coming years. Furthermore, he plans to remain a guiding beacon for other creators, actors, models, musicians, as they pursue their passion and carve their path toward success. 

More projects can be expected in the future from Peter Stelling. Aside from banking on his songwriting skills to release phenomenal tracks on today’s streaming platforms, he will also go all-out and grace more platforms as an actor and a model. Moreover, translating his vision into reality, he will continue to engage in initiatives that will influence others for the better. 

At his young age, Peter Stelling knows he has come far. But he is cognizant as well of the heights he is yet to reach. And motivated to secure a better future for himself, his family, and friends, and fueled with the desire to make an impact in the lives of people all over the world, he will stand firm against the uncertainties of life.

Learn more about Peter Stelling by visiting his Instagram

Layla Michaels Builds Her Brand With Love

Layla Michaels is a multi-talented woman. She is an actress, model, and singer who has an incredibly captivating personality. She is a caring, modest, and loyal woman. She is able to fix anything that’s been broken, including a broken heart. She is the type of woman who wants to get involved with her partner’s best life.

She wants to build a better life together with her partner as they work towards a common goal. Layla Michaels is a very supportive woman. Her kindness and support often reach a point of insult, where her partner might ask themselves if they think they’re incompetent to do anything on their own.

Her actions and the way that she carries herself say a lot about her genuine personality. She is ready to give her everything to her partner, and she is one hundred percent trustworthy inside of a relationship. She is too smart and too loyal to ever give in to adultery, and her morals always keep her in check.

Her silence, however, is a thing to always watch out for. Once Layla Michaels becomes distant and silent, she becomes a little dangerous with her decisions. Layla Michaels admits that she doesn’t need anyone in her life except God.

However, she will often compromise and sacrifice in order to hold on to the man that she loves. Once she becomes trusting and vulnerable, she reveals the very depths of her beautiful soul for her partner to fully see.

Layla Michaels greatly values the visible and invisible qualities of an individual. She takes the broadest possible view of diversity and welcomes each and every person’s individuality. She knows that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to progress our communities as a whole. She knows that the fight for our health, education, and financial stability of every person within our society is a battle that everyone is fighting for.

Layla Michaels greatly believes that every community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and the employee must have equal access to solving our community’s problems. She strives to include diversity, equality, and inclusion at the heart of her daily work. She fully commits to using these practices for her business, her brand, and our communities.

She knows that in order for people to be fully engaged, they need to feel included and valued. Layla Michaels strives to build and nurture a culture where inclusivity is a norm, not an initiative. A culture where there is a deep sense of pride, passion, and a sense of belonging. She envisions a future where everyone collaborates towards the inclusion of everyone in our society.

Her brand was solely built on love. Layla Michaels is a lover above all else. Her personality is bursting with love and admiration for people. She isn’t motivated by the normal sense of success, such as money and fame. She knows that success is fleeting, but if love is the motivation, then she knows that the service will never end.

To know more about Layla Michaels and everything that she stands for, make sure to visit her official website.

Vigilante’s Impactful Performance Is Bringing Him to Stardom

Dreams do not work unless you do. Hard work is essential to realize one’s aspirations. Fortunately for Vigilante, perseverance and hard work are second nature to him, and despite the arduous quality of the path to stardom, he continues to hustle through it. 

Born Remarcus Steele, Vigilante is an actor, activist, artist, model, and businessman rapidly rising to fame. With a hard-driven passion and intense desire to reach his dreams and fulfill his aspirations, he is doing everything in his power to work toward success. He had to learn everything about the industry from scratch. Despite the novelty of it all, he recognized that creating a good social network and unforgettable memories are essential steps.

Vigilante figured out his way into the industry, and the joys and challenges of it all continue to contribute to his growth as a person; in his journey to stardom, he is flourishing. Each new project he tackles adds on to his repertoire of skills and takes him to a whole new level, thereby increasing his value as a player in the industry.

In his journey in the music industry, he already has a list of notable achievements. He has been invited to various radio shows, and his music has graced the ears of thousands as they are played by over a hundred well-known stations. His work with radio personality Radio God Stu has been dubbed the Freestyle of the Year.

Aside from music, he has several notable accomplishments in film as well. His first major role was in the 2019 film Little, where he played the role of a featured student. His impressive performance led to his first lead role. TV One’s For My Man cast Vigilante as the lead in one of its episodes. He then signed onto his first talent agency soon after, and now he has so much in store for this year, with more lead roles, as well as an animated film, on Netflix.

As for his modeling, he signed on to Gage Talent Agency in Tennessee and Premier Model in London. With his experience and know-how in the industry, he now utilizes his resources to help other aspiring stars to advance their careers as actors, models, or artists through mentorship. 

Vigilante believes in giving back, and he works hard to connect with his community and extends his efforts to uplift the less progressive areas by speaking on matters such as police brutality and raising awareness regarding the matter. To keep the peace in his neighborhood, he is involved in a group that enforces it as well. He firmly believes that the ideal life is in creating a positive impact in the world, while at the same time facilitating a work-life balance that enables healthy relationships as well.

With an impressive resume that keeps on growing day by day, it is only a matter of time before Vigilante gets his big break and becomes a household name. He applies the Vigilante Vision in every aspect of his life: “Be humble, be hardworking, be dedicated, be loyal, be vigilant.”

Visit his website to see the collection of his work in show business.