Rising Australian Stylist Ivanna Fontana: Lighting Up LA’s Fashion Scene

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Ivanna Fontana, an Australian native juggling roles as a stylist and creative director, has undeniably made a name for herself in Hollywood’s glamorous fashion landscape. Given her demonstrated penchant for remarkable creativity and an innate ability to merge unique style aesthetics, her meteoric rise to LA’s fashion echelons is nothing short of inspiring.

A remarkable occurrence in Ivanna’s journey took place in the hectic days leading to LA Fashion Week. Here, Ivanna met the renowned African celebrity designer, Claude Kameni. Their initial meeting burst into a splendid creative collaboration when Kameni oversaw Fontana’s impressive repertoire and realized she could bring the vivacity he desired for his runway show. Short on time, Ivanna forged forward and within four to five days, she intricately produced the entire show. It was a demanding firewalk, but as Ivanna put it, they “made it happen.”

Successful execution of a fashion show, particularly on short notice, requires an immense degree of planning, organizational skill, and leadership prowess. As she handled the show, Ivanna demonstrated a deftness for models casting, fittings, coordinating hair and makeup, and even figuring out the music. Chance meetings in the fashion world often trigger phenomenal partnerships – a favorite anecdote of Ivanna’s recent achievements was presented in her collaboration with Yvonne Orji’s PR agency on a hit Netflix show, Insecure.

Having seized momentum from the LA Fashion week, Ivanna’s approach to fashion has been marked by unprecedented ambition and an indomitable spirit, evidenced by her readiness to embrace what was on the horizon. Not only did Ivanna manage to take the LA Fashion Week by storm, but her journey also skyrocketed towards even grander stages of the New York Fashion Week and Australia Fashion Week in February and April, respectively. Emboldened, Ivanna is seizing these opportunities with fierce determination to continue producing Claude Kameni’s runway shows, presenting stunning narratives through clothes, models, and aesthetics.

Beyond the towering facades of fashion houses and red carpets, Ivanna’s influence extends to the NBA seasons. A considerable portion of her clientele includes athletes, impressing upon them the importance of maintaining a personal brand and the power of optically compelling narratives ensued by suave fashion choices. Ivanna’s influence also graces the skateboarder scene through trusted collaborations with professional skateboarders such as Kyle Walker.

Unsurprisingly, Ivanna’s diverse craft doesn’t limit her to one industry. Ever entrepreneurial, Ivanna believes that regardless of one’s field, aesthetic presentation goes a long way. It is her deeply-held conviction that “everyone needs styling.” Ivanna opines, “No matter what field you’re in, it pays to look good!”

Eloquently expressing her vision, she says, “My vision is to continually promote diversity and align with different style aesthetics, giving creatives the inspiration and confidence to bring their own visions to life.” It is this very vision and her determination to inclusively elevate style narratives that have positioned Ivanna Fontana as a linchpin in the fashion institution.

In addition to that, Ivanna’s journey from Australian dreams to Hollywood glam can be followed through her social media handles and websites. Her followers await her next maneuver with bated breath, certain that wherever she ventures, she will keep infusing the fashion world with her unique brand of creativity and audacity. After all, Ivanna’s name continues to symbolize unapologetic distinctiveness and the power of diversity. For Ivanna Fontana, it is not just about looking good, it is about ensuring individuality and inclusion do not merely walk the runway but rule it.




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