Emotional Wellness And Transformation Coach, Amritha Kailas, Is Thriving In The Wellness Industry Due To Her Exceptional Abilities

Amritha Kailas, a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach, concentrates on the domains of mental wellness and transformation coaching, the areas in which she has extensive experience. Amritha Kailas is a QA Manager with more than 12 years of expertise in manual and automated testing across a wide variety of business sectors. She holds a certification in quality assurance from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) (HP R&D-Imaging and Printing, Legal, Banking-Capital and Financial Markets, Aerospace, Manufacturing-Automotive, Hitech-Semiconductors). In 2019, she laid the groundwork for what would become Samsarga with the intention of motivating, educating, and enabling others to bring about better lives and healthier communities all across the world.


She aims to help young people and small businesswomen alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, and other challenges related to family connections. She does this by empowering them to reveal their legitimate selves, inner harmony, clarity, attention, confidence, self-esteem, direction, and emotional balance to achieve their objectives and begin rebuilding peaceful emotional ties in their lives. In addition to being a qualified Reiki Master, Speaker, and Musician, Amritha is also the originator of an online course that can be accessed on Udemy and now has over 10,000 students enrolled in it from 142 different countries.


Amritha is a wonderful Life coach. I have done coaching with her for the past three months. With her insight and guidance, she has made a huge difference in my life and how I think. She has empowered me with various tools to manage my emotions and most importantly, trust myself and validate my own feelings without doubting myself. She has really given me confidence in making tough decisions that help me live my life according to my most important values. I can honestly say I am much more centered than I was before and I live more in tune with myself. – Vidya, Canada


On Voice America’s Influencer’s channel, Amritha hosts a weekly talk show called “The Peace Bridge Talk Show,” which airs at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays (Pacific time). The show offers a forum for Amritha and her guests to disseminate knowledge about the practices and resources based on ancient wisdom that might aid in the search for inner calm.


As a mental health coach, Amritha Kailas has an intense interest in assisting her clients in reaching their full potential. She persuades her clients that their mental health is the single most important thing they can spend money on. While there is a wealth of information available on topics such as mental health, nutrition, and exercise, many people still struggle to put what they learn into practice. In her role as a mental health coach, Amritha encourages her clients to take control of their health by providing them with information, resources, and support. She tries to inspire and motivate her clients to take positive steps toward improving their mental health. Amritha Kailas is the best at what she does because she gets fulfillment from helping others improve their mental health.


“Amritha Kailas has a gift of actively listening. When I say she actively listens, she is simultaneously holding a safe space for you. Her ways to get the client to go deeper are unique and it allowed me to figure out my own issues clearly.” – Lillian Hernandez, USA


Amritha Kailas’s clients meet with her one-on-one, in group settings, in-person or remotely, and work on a variety of mental health-related concerns. The services offered by more conventional wellness specialists, such as nutritionists, physicians, dietitians, therapists, and personal trainers, are complemented by her emotional wellness coaching, which serves as an additional support mechanism. Amritha’s mission is to serve as a support network, to hold clients accountable, and to give them the chance to craft a customized plan for achievement, all while keeping their overall health in mind at every step of the process.


By offering clients with assistance and holding them accountable for the changes they want to make in their lives, Amritha is able to assist her clients in achieving their mental health-related goals and in bringing about the life changes they desire. You can benefit from working with Amritha Kailas to strengthen your relationships, help you step into new careers, achieve your health and wellness objectives, and enhance your financial well-being.


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