VizAeras Creates a Cutting-Edge Platform Technology Designed to Promote Healthier Indoor Conditions

The global health crisis continues to trudge on, leaving many individuals and communities more anxious about their health. While vaccination solutions are now put in place to lessen the impact of COVID-19, people have begun to formulate more strategies that help eradicate the effects of the virus. As a matter of fact, many individuals from around the world have started to shift to a healthier lifestyle, particularly monitoring and taking care of some aspects of life that were not apparent before. One factor that has gained people’s attention is the air quality indoors.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we were required to stay at home. As social beings, it was quite an adjustment for most people, but after months of mastering a more sedentary lifestyle, people began to get used to the new normal, spending 90% of their time indoors. Recognizing this lifestyle shift and the steady concern of one’s health and wellness, VizAeras, an emerging household name, has made it its mission to launch a campaign on StartEngine to fund an indoor environmental quality product that promotes safer, healthier, and more productive indoor spaces. With a purpose-driven vision, this trailblazing entity is bound to take the industry by storm.

With a name that means Visual Air, VizAeras was established to address a growing concern for healthy indoor environment conditions. As the COVID-19 continues to threaten people’s day-to-day lives, the company has taken it upon itself to formulate solutions that not only help people achieve a healthier lifestyle but also push for reforms about creating safer indoor spaces. By materializing its vision, it hopes to set the bar high across the realms of health and wellness.

In an interview, the founder of VizAeras explained that people spend 90% of their time indoors. While this statistic might not surprise others, the team behind the entity further discussed that the numbers indicated a far worse potential for pollution, about two to five times worse than outdoors, which would cause or aggravate about 50% of illnesses. Because of this discovery, VizAeras has developed a patent-pending, cutting-edge platform technology that allows people to visualize and monitor indoor conditions. In this way, people will become aware of the state of the room or building before they decide to enter the vicinity.

“VizAeras can help identify and measure harmful indoor pollution levels,” shared the company’s spokesperson.

Aside from its promising goal, VizAeras is also widely known for delivering results in the most state-of-the-art manner. “No other indoor air quality or IEQ device in the market allows simple remote monitoring and quick-scan QR code access,” shared the company’s spokesperson. “With an easy-to-use share and compare feature, it allows users to easily monitor and track indoor pollution exposure in frequent locations,” they added.

VizAeras owes much of its success to the brilliant minds behind the entity who are dedicated to creating solutions that promote a better, safer, and healthier world. As it continues to make waves across the industries, it hopes to catalyze change across the globe, bringing individuals and communities closer to living a pandemic-free life. While Google mapped “The Great Outdoors”, VizAeras intends to map and track IEQ conditions for “The Great Indoors” where we live, work, learn, heal, pray, and play.  

More information about VizAeras can be found on its website here. You can also watch this YouTube video to learn more about the indôr product and support the brand’s crowdfunding efforts at StartEngine.


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