ManyBuild Inc. is connecting construction through Its Groundbreaking Mobile Application

Thriving real estate developer and general contractor Alejandro Lovera has been exposed to the construction business long enough to understand that it is an ever-growing business that requires innovation, the right connections, and a high standard of quality. To add value to the quality of work of numerous real estate developers, investors and builders in the country, Lovera developed the ManyBuild mobile application to help them connect with each other easily, together with his co-founders Stefan Norton, COO and Peter Taggart, Director of Engineering. 

Ironically dubbed the “Tinder for Construction,” Lovera’s newly established company is changing the construction industry by using technology that is easy to navigate and allows real estate developers, real estate agents and builders to enjoy the ease of finding reliable contractors near their location by simply swiping left and right on the app. Once a project is created you start receiving matches from interested skilled contractors, they can start a conversation, arrange a site visit, submit an estimate, seal the deal with a contract, and start processing payments. Conversations within the app can either be in English or Spanish. The creation of this app is ManyBuild’s way of making the construction business one of the most trusted industries in the world today. The app is available for download on both the App Store and Android Store. 

Interestingly, all of these features have allowed Lovera and his co-founders to grant users access to an even bigger labor market and construction resources through their app.

Lovera is a third-generation real estate developer and builder. He grew up in a family of architects and contractors on the island of Aruba, and he has witnessed the many challenges that the industry presents to business owners. Having seen what it takes to succeed in the construction business, he wants to be instrumental in taking the industry to the next level by tapping into the benefits of using state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to his architect mother and father, who have had their fair share of doing hotel remodels, Lovera is equipped with the right amount of experience and insights that will propel him to achieve great feats for the construction industry. 

“We are a fully vertically integrated construction company with access to its own mobile app for access to more labor markets. That also runs its own real estate investment fund making fix-and-flip investments in the Greater Denver Area,” Alejandro shared. 

The ManyBuild founder established himself in Denver as a licensed General Contractor after leaving Aruba, and it was there that he amassed more valuable experience while working with private real estate developers in the city. With more than enough experience up his sleeves, Lovera started his own construction company named Ikon Construction together with Dan O’Brien. With their collective effort, they have successfully completed close to a million dollars worth of construction contracts for several corporate clients, including Zillow and Invitation Homes. In addition to this, Ikon Construction has become an owner builder with more than $6.9 million worth of real estate development projects completed for Lovera’s private equity fund which he started back in March of 2021. 

With its founders’ forward-thinking attributes and dedication, there is no doubt that ManyBuild will continue to influence the direction of the construction industry in the future. 

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