Inovantics Offers Medical Post – Acute Healthcare Practices the Groundbreaking Technological Solutions They Did Not Know They Needed

Medical providers and healthcare professionals know all too well the struggle of managing multiple systems and platforms, jumping from one to another simply to schedule care or access information on patients. It is an area long griped-about by those in the community and a place where patients end up getting stuck in the system. It can cause issues with providers getting paid, among other things. This is one place in the industry where a lot of time, effort, money, and frustration end up impacting the quality, timeliness, and availability of patient care. Karen Coffey, founder of Inovantics, has a solution, one that she created specifically to address this very issue. 

A good deal of time is spent determining who is in-network, care coordination, access to appropriate medical histories, all take time and delay a patient getting care. Inconsistent and old methods of technology, lack of data, and no bridge or system that aims to benefit both patients and providers have slowed down the healthcare industry, gumming up the system, and getting in the way of providing patients the highest possible quality of care. Coffey spent over twenty years in the healthcare management field and has seen firsthand how hard it is to make things flow together, especially in post-acute care settings. Knowing that there had to be a better way, she set about to create a solution, one that has potential to change the way the healthcare industry works and make it better, more efficient, and more cost effective than it has ever been. 

That groundbreaking, innovative solution comes in the form of a technology platform called Inovantics, which is a one stop shop, customizable to meet any post-acute care practices specific needs. One of the main components behind the structure of the platform is to maximize the healthcare referral process, leading to higher quality of patient care, and a far more efficient system for practitioners. The platform can be applied in any medical setting and any post-acute industry that works with referrals. It works with insurance and can be used in rehabilitation, assisted living, behavioral health, rehabilitation, residential care, again, it is a versatile, customizable system. It encompasses care services, payor eligibility, and administrative processes integrated into a single platform, giving providers access to information in real-time. 

Inovantics works to streamline operations, enhance customer relationships and continuity of care. The software will identify new opportunities and ways for practices to grow, including real-time data and analytics. The system is fully HIPAA compliant, reduces turnaround time, increases conversions or conversion rates, identifies patterns and trends, and identifies potential partners.

As Coffey puts it, “Whatever a practice or provider needs, we put it all together like it’s a present, and wrap it with a bow. It is so easy, so user-friendly, anyone can use it. There is absolutely no limit to what this system can do, we will find the solution and customize it to meet every client’s needs. We can integrate it into large, small practices, even hospitals, any practice can benefit from this system.” 

Coffey has just one goal: to make the healthcare system better. And Inovantics is her way to do that. Based out of Boston, the company can work with clients anywhere, and hopes to show people exactly how much better the healthcare system can be, with the right tools. Coffey does not just sell a product, she stands behind it 100% and worked every step of the way to develop a solution that can truly make a difference for both providers and patients, and is there with providers every step through the process as they determine what they need, and then start to use the Inovantics platform. Visit the company website and connect with Coffey on social media to learn more. 


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