5 Golden Rules for Online Dating Safety

Dating has become much easier with a significantly wider choice of singles to explore thanks to online dating services. However, as with any situation where you are meeting strangers, online dating does not come without its risks. The fact that you initially meet your match online, only adds more risk to the situation since, on the internet, anybody could easily pretend to be somebody that they are not. Thankfully, the majority of people that you meet while dating online will be their authentic selves, and not dangerous at all. But since this isn’t guaranteed for everybody, it’s wise to keep these safety tips in mind. 

Use a Reputable Dating Site:

Any good dating site will have strict rules and policies in place to make it harder for people up to no good to use their services and put other users in danger. If you are hoping to chat with gay singles, then chat for free here. It’s a secure and reputable option where you can trust the site to look after you as a user and make sure that you are safe. 

Verify Your Match:

Running a background check on somebody that you’ve just met might seem a little weird, but it could save your life in the future. While many good online dating sites now verify profiles and ensure that people are who they say that they are when they sign up, there are a few that might get through the cracks. The sad truth is that when you’re simply looking to chat with lesbian girls online and make connections, you could be talking to somebody else entirely. So it’s definitely worth running their pictures through a reverse image search tool or looking up their name online to make sure that it’s really them. 

Get to Know Them Online First:

Don’t jump straight into the first meeting with somebody new, even if you’re getting on with them well. Sometimes all it takes is just a few days to a week of chatting to realize that you’re actually not as sure about this person as you first thought you were. 

Meet in Public:

If you’ve been chatting for a while and have decided to take things to the next level with a face-to-face date, it’s always best to meet in a public place where there are going to be lots of people around you. A restaurant is a good choice for this. Asking to meet in public will also help you get an idea of who your date really is. If they are unhappy about your request and would rather meet in a private place, it might be best to not meet them at all. 

Let Somebody Know:

Finally, let somebody know where you’re going, who you’re expecting to be with, and roughly how long you are going to be. It can be helpful to have a friend check in with you by text mid-way through the date to make sure that you are OK and offer help if you’re in an awkward situation that you’d like to get out of. 

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