Valentina Ferrer on Carving a Path Toward the Forefront of the Music Industry

Art has long been established as a powerful tool to drive change, make an impact, and transform lives for the better. Since time immemorial, pursuing one’s passion in the different fields with art at their core, such as singing, dancing, and acting, to name a few, has not only served as a way to make a name for oneself and make a living. From the get-go, countless artists have capitalized on these professions to send across powerful messages and act as beacons of hope. In the case of Valentina Ferrer, a rising star in the entertainment scene, she hopes to wield the power of music to cement her name in history and empower people at the same time. 

Hailing from Venezuela, this 23-year-old hustler and multi-faceted personality has always had an affinity toward music. Since she was seven, Valentina Ferrer has demonstrated the potential to one day take center stage in the highly competitive and saturated industry. Her initial interest in this particular craft transformed over the years, evolving into a deep-seated love that would eventually influence her decisions and prompt her to start carving a path toward the summit of the music scene. 

Armed with the goal of reaching the forefront of the industry as a global powerhouse, Valentina Ferrer moved to the United States. This leap of faith was no piece of cake. Immigrating to another country, learning its culture, and building linkages with its people will always pose numerous challenges. Through it all, the potential power player stood firm, pouring her time and resources into honing her skills as a singer and expanding her repertoire of abilities. 

Currently, Valentina Ferrer is best known for her distinctive discography. She takes pride in being able to transmit a wave of positive energies and offer comfort through her songs. Moreover, she has managed to impress industry peers and listeners alike for the effort she expends in motivating and empowering women. Considering how the world is yet to achieve a more gender-equal state, every contribution to the cause is crucial, and the extent to which Valentina lends a hand in the movement has been noted. 

Since she first started making waves in the music scene, Valentina Ferrer has succeeded, as well, in capturing the attention of music enthusiasts and gaining a fanbase because of her emphasis on individuality. She believes that every artist has their own essence and should not be pitted against each other.

Valentina Ferrer, who followed artists like Beyonce and Rihanna, is setting an example for other aspirants worldwide. She proves a testament to the importance of having a clearcut vision of the future one wants to achieve and a solid commitment to one’s goal in achieving success. As she sets out to reach greater heights in the future, she wants to encourage other dreamers to give it their all and believe in themselves. Only when one has faith in their abilities and the possibility that they will see their dreams come to fruition.

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T $WIM Out to Prove That He’s Out for Music Greatness

Not every musician makes it big in the music industry. With millions of talents available at the general audience’s disposal, standing out can be an issue. But that hasn’t been a problem so far for artist T $WIM, who is quickly making a solid impression on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms. 

For the rap artist out of Connecticut, Soundcloud is the domain of choice. Earlier this year, he started on the platform, releasing a song entitled “Bounce Back,” which broke through the noise and left a strong presence. To date, the debut track has now reached over 20,000 streams. He would follow that up with a string of singles that would hit five-digit streams in a few months. 

T $WIM grew up in a quiet town that didn’t have much going on for the locals. But that never stopped him from dreaming big. The singer and songwriter kept shooting for the stars, believing that he was meant for musical greatness. The rapper would realize his potential after he got the chance to brush shoulders with Shawn Cotton, a famous blogger and owner of SayCheeseTV.  “Meeting Shawn impacted me because nobody from Connecticut, where I was from at the time, ever met him,” the artist explained. “That was something that motivated me as an artist to keep going because I know people wanted to meet him just like I did but didn’t have the opportunity.”

That would only be the beginning as T $WIM would say goodbye to any form of imposter syndrome and begin his ascent into music significance. Not long ago, he released the track “T$WIM x Wasn’t Planned,” which took him to an all-time personal high of 50,000 streams on SoundCloud. Now, he has over 1,300 followers on SoundCloud and another 36,400 plus on Instagram. While that doesn’t seem like much compared to other hip hop hard-hitters, it’s a strong start. And that’s exactly where T $WIM is at this juncture—at the start. There’s so much more still in store for him in the future. 

What most people like about T $WIM is his positive outlook and vibe. He loves to add value to people and leave a lasting impression, both in deed and through his music. He loves to network and collaborate, which would ultimately lead to a partnership with key people who will help him launch two EP albums before 2021 comes to a close. The rapper is hungry for more as he seeks every chance to share his music with others and bring great experiences through his shows and music recording. 

T $WIM looks up to artists like Drake and Meek Mill but stays true to himself all the time. He encourages other artists to be authentic, a practice that isn’t too prevalent in a knock-off culture. “People should work with me because I’m the new wave, I’m the new upcoming artist,” explains T $WIM. 

The rapper looks forward to creating more music and aspires for the chance to perform with some of the greatest names in music in the future. To learn more about T $WIM and check out his music, visit his Instagram profile and Soundcloud account.

Astronaut Boy Incorporated: This Music Label Ensures Underserved Upcoming Artists Find Their Voice

With over 100,000 artists entering the entertainment industry every year, it’s almost impossible for an upcoming dreamer to stand out. Luckily, since its founding, Astronaut Boy Incorporated (ABI) has upheld its mission to generate noise for novice artists and help them find their voice amid the harsh jungle.

Astronaut Boy Incorporated was founded by Adrian Howard in 2015 as a music group that represents artists from all walks of life. Its mantra, “We stay on the moon,” elevates the group from the rest of the pack as it uplifts each artist within its circle to produce out-of-this-world music, surpassing common standards formerly set by their predecessors. The label is currently based in Aurora, Colorado but is welcoming artists from across the country.

“Our goal is to spark the fire in our youth and show them anything is possible. Also, giving the less fortunate artists a chance to shine and the ability to use our platform for them to be heard,” shared Adrian Howard. Instead of filing music in stagnant stacks as other labels do, Astronaut Boy Incorporated ensures that the music of their artists gets in the right hands—music managers, bloggers, influencers, and DJs, to name a few. The label also has access to prominent magazines nationwide, guaranteeing that artists get the noise they deserve as they enter the music industry. 

Astronaut Boy Incorporated records and features hip hop, R&B, and pop artists who want to make their mark in the music industry but do not necessarily know where to start. Over the years, ABI has remained true to its three crucial messages. The first is partnering with local artists. The second is communicating and amplifying the true essence of hip hop and its dynamic momentum. Lastly, ABI strives to promote and sign disadvantaged artists from underserved communities. 

It is the label’s primary mission to unearth undiscovered gems in the music industry and revive authentic hip hop among the hearts of American listeners. Astronaut Boy Incorporated carefully mentors its artists to reach and utilize their maximum potential and become household names in the music scene. 

The artists signed in Astronaut Boy Incorporated are labeled as the AstronautBoyz. One of whom is Bwillz, better known as Willz, one of Denver’s most celebrated artists. Willz is recognized for dropping punchlines and metaphors in his tracks, giving listeners a blast from hip hop’s glorious past. Willz signed with ABI in 2015 and has been making waves in the music scene since then. His debut album, Property Over Monopoly, has captivated listeners all around Denver and signified a promising future for the artist.

Additionally, Astronaut Boy Incorporated pays its success forward by giving back to the community and advocating for worthy causes that plague various artists. Its founder, Adrian Howard, continues to lead the label to donate proceeds of their merchandise and records to worthy charities in an effort to uplift the overall living condition of their community. 

Astronaut Boy Incorporated separates itself from other existing labels because it goes beyond ensuring that artists achieve financial success through their music. Above all, the label fosters personal and spiritual growth in every way possible, ensuring that every artist has a solid foundation that is not cemented on something as fleeting as monetary success. 

To learn more about Astronaut Boy Incorporated, visit its website and Instagram.

Karrell Maurice Rogers Braves the Music Industry to Pursue His Dream Despite His Disabilities

Karrell Maurice Rogers is living proof that physical frailty need not be a hindrance in achieving a dream. Despite the expected difficulties of his condition, he worked hard to prove that he is more than able to function like any other human being and has effectively channeled his creativity and passion into songwriting and producing music.

Being born with type two grand mal seizure is quite a challenge for anyone. While inside his mother’s womb, his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck for about two weeks, prompting physicians to do an emergency cesarean section on his mother. It was a miracle that he was born alive. Later in life, Karrell Maurice Rogers was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Aside from this, he also developed diabetes. Managing all these conditions can be very exhausting and frustrating for most people, but instead for complaining, Karrell is pushing himself to be the best version of himself. 

He established his own brand, LowLyfe7Filmz, an avenue for him to practice his art form and perfect his craft using different musical genres. He is doing collaborations with some up-and-coming artists in the music industry to produce some of the most exciting pieces. Overall, he is constantly in a state of improving himself while he manages his physical disabilities. 

Despite what many people think about his mental health and physical challenges, Karrell Maurice Rogers remains determined to achieve his personal success both as a businessman, music artist, and as father. For him, life is too short to be mindful of how others criticize him. He would rather focus all his energy and time on creating something extraordinary and show everyone that someone like him can excel in the music industry, just like any other person who is willing to work hard to make it happen. 

In the future, he envisions his son enjoying a normal and meaningful life despite his autism. With the proper support, guidance, and therapy, he believes that his son can also achieve great feats in the future. Sending the message that people with disabilities can still be productive entrepreneurs and students is a powerful and liberating revelation for many families who struggle with their children’s disabilities. Karrell Maurice Rogers is living proof that good things can still come out of seemingly bad situations. 

Additionally, he aspires to develop a company that is designed to cater to the needs of families who have specially abled members in their household. He wants the organization to be open to anyone regardless of their race, faith, and cultural background. Ultimately, it will help people like him manage their conditions better by getting the kind of support they need. 

Building a strong family is also something that he looks forward to having in the future. Secondary to this, he wants to be recognized by Forbes for his remarkable work as an artist and entrepreneur. His positive attributes, paired with his determination to work hard, guarantee that he will one day earn respect and recognition he deserves. 

Learn more about Karrell Maurice Rogers and his projects by visiting this website