The Evolution of a Champion: How RJ Trickshot Made a Name for Himself in the New Age of Pool

When it comes to pool, RJ Trickshot doesn’t mind breaking the mold and going against the grain—in fact, he’s more than happy to do so. His quick wit and innovative style have made him a true superstar in the online pool community and have pushed the sport of pool into new heights, introducing younger audiences and even non-players to the game. Here’s how RJ Trickshot came to be known as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) pool players in his age group—and why he believes there’s much more to come from him yet.


Who Is RJ Trickshot?


RJ Trickshot is most known for his famous trick shots and makes a living off of professional pool players. He was born on July 20, 2001, and has two brothers. He went to school at Berkner High School and graduated in 2020. He also holds many wins as an amateur champion.  RJ has said that he wants to be able to pursue playing professionally without having to worry about the income from jobs outside of the pool. His ultimate goal is winning the World 9-Ball Championship because he feels like it will give him legitimacy in the world of pro pool players and help him be taken more seriously.


Behind the Shots and what he wants


As he cultivated his research on Ball Pool games rehearsing new stunt shots games, he realized that it was partially about actual awareness and mostly about mental capacity, which he acquired well from it. Present focusing on playing for large competitions like the Mosconi Cup and WPA. His focus is on growing this promising career by becoming the best possible player that he can be while still managing to have a life outside of the pool. I’ve got dreams, said Mr. Trickshot with a smile on his face. I’m not going to give up.


Tips for Newcomers


When zahidul first started trying trick shots, it was all new to him. If you’re thinking about getting into it, just relax and have fun with it. There’s no need to take yourself too seriously. Nowadays, some people create setups to shoot from outrageous positions on the table but at first, when I started out, I would just work my way around from one side of the table to another before finding a shot that could be done “zahidul said”. He wants his legacy to inspire others by showing them what can be accomplished through hard work.  The world has changed a lot since he became interested in the pool. Before, there were only two types of pool players – those who play casually, and those who took it more seriously.


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