The entertaining Brazilian Volleyball Super League

Brazil has one of the most successful Volleyball national teams ever. You can download the 1xBet app here for free! And use it to wager on its domestic competitions as well.

The country has a fascinating tournament called the Brazilian Volleyball Super League. In this case we are going to focus on the men’s competition. There is a women’s tournament that has the exact same name. If you want to wager on those great championships you can download the 1xBet app here absolutely for free, and take advantage of its opportunities.

Unifying various tournaments

Up to the 1960s, there were no national competitions of the sport in Brazil. Instead, there were only tournaments that were disputed at a state level. The reason for that was the huge distances that teams needed to travel, and the poor infrastructure available at the time. In addition to volleyball, live scores and results for Australian football can be obtained at 1xBet, where wagers with good probabilities can be made.

Finally, in 1976 the first national league was celebrated. First, it had only amateur clubs. However, in the 1980s it was also decided to add professional teams. This basically gave form to the Brazilian Volleyball Super League that fans know and enjoy nowadays. On 1xBet live scores and results for volleyball and Australian football can be obtained by all members of the platform, which also features Brazilian volleyball.

Many champions

There are plenty of teams who have won the tournament at least once. The teams of Minas and Cruzeiro are the two biggest winners with seven titles each. However, it is worth noting that Minas hasn’t won the Brazilian Volleyball Super League since 2007. By contrast, all Cruzeiro’s seven titles have been won after Minas won their last one. You can now watch an entertaining live volleyball match – 1xBet has the most interesting list of competitions from all over the world.

Other competitions who have claimed the Brazilian Volleyball Super League title include:

  • Banespa
  • Pirelli
  • Cimed/Florianópolis
  • Suzano
  • Ulbra
  • and Taubaté

Curiously, there are many Brazilian football teams that have their volleyball counterparts who take part in this tournament. Cruzeiro is by far the most successful. Others like Flamengo, Fluminense or Palmeiras have also tried their luck, but without much success so far. The 1xBet website features live volleyball matches from many tournaments, including of course the Brazilian Volleyball Super League.

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