Bartolo Hernandez And His Journey From The Bases to the Boardroom

Bartolo Hernandez And His Journey From The Bases to the Boardroom
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Bartolo Hernandez is a dynamic Sports Manager and President of Global Sports Management, residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His journey began in Queens, New York, where he cultivated a deep passion for baseball. Transitioning from a skilled player to an influential leader, Bartolo’s career in sports management is marked by his dedication and expertise. Beyond his professional realm, he is a devoted family man and an enthusiastic golfer, embodying a well-rounded lifestyle. Committed to giving back, Bartolo actively supports various philanthropic causes, earning accolades for his community contributions. His blend of sports acumen and humanitarian spirit makes him a distinguished figure in his field.

Q & A With Bartolo Hernandez

Can you tell us about your journey from being a baseball player to becoming the President of Global Sports Management?

Bartolo Hernandez: Absolutely. Growing up in Queens, New York, baseball was more than just a game; it was a way of life. That’s where my passion for the sport was kindled. I played competitively for many years, which taught me discipline, teamwork, and resilience. These experiences laid the foundation for my transition into sports management. As President of Global Sports Management, I’ve been able to channel my love for sports into creating opportunities and guiding other athletes in their careers.

How do you balance your demanding career with family life?

Bartolo Hernandez: Balance is key. In my case, family comes first. I make sure to spend quality time with my wife, children, and grandchildren. We enjoy activities like golfing, which keeps me connected to the sports world while also allowing us to create lasting memories together. It’s about prioritizing and making the most of the time you have.

What motivates you to be so involved in philanthropic work?

Bartolo Hernandez: My motivation stems from a deep-seated belief in giving back to the community. Having been blessed with success in my career, I feel it’s my responsibility to help those in need. Supporting organizations like the Wheelchair Foundation, Women in Distress, and the Annual Turkey Drive is my way of contributing to a greater cause and making a real difference in people’s lives.

What does winning awards for your philanthropic efforts mean to you?

Bartolo Hernandez: While the awards are an honor, they’re not the driving force behind my philanthropic work. They do, however, serve as a reminder of the impact one can have on the community. These recognitions help bring attention to the causes I care about, which can inspire others to get involved as well.

Finally, what advice would you give to young athletes aspiring to a career in sports?

Bartolo Hernandez: My advice is to stay focused, work hard, and never lose sight of your passion. The road to success in sports can be challenging, but with perseverance and a strong work ethic, anything is possible. Remember to enjoy the journey and learn from every experience, both on and off the field.

Key Takeaways 

  • Passion as a Driving Force: Bartolo Hernandez‘s journey from a player to a top executive in sports management underscores the importance of passion in career progression. His deep-rooted love for baseball, nurtured from his early days in Queens, was a key factor in his successful transition from the field to the boardroom.
  • Inspiration for Young Athletes: Bartolo’s advice to aspiring athletes is a significant takeaway. He stresses the importance of focus, hard work, and staying true to one’s passion. His journey serves as an inspiring example for young sports enthusiasts, illustrating that perseverance, coupled with a strong work ethic, can lead to success both in sports and in life. This guidance reflects his deep understanding of the athletic world and his commitment to nurturing future talent.
  • Commitment to Philanthropy: A noteworthy aspect of Bartolo’s life is his dedication to philanthropy. His involvement with organizations like the Wheelchair Foundation and Women in Distress showcases his genuine desire to contribute positively to society. His philanthropic endeavors, recognized through various awards, highlight the impact of giving back to the community as an integral part of his identity.

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