The Multi-Purpose StrideCharge Phone Case Is A Game Changer

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

The StrideCharge Phone Charger and Mount has revolutionized the way cyclists approach charging their phones, but did you know that it’s much more than just a bike mount for cyclists?

That’s right; the StrideCharge is suitable for any number of outdoor and everyday family activities, such as long drives in the car, a day at the beach, or a long hike on your local trail. In today’s society, when a premium is placed on being available 24/7, knowing that your phone is fully charged alleviates a lot of pressure.

Whether commuting on your bike to work or playing a round of golf, having your phone fully charged and at arm’s reach is convenient and safe. No more fumbling around in your backpack trying to take calls while one hand is on the bike or putter.

So how does the Stridecharge actually work? And is it really a multi-purpose charger and mount? You bet it is. But before we look at some of the activities for which the StrideCharge is perfect, let’s delve deeper into the product itself.

The Mounting is as Secure as they Come

The StrideCharge Charge Case and Mount are two of the sleekest, most robust, and easy-to-use charging accessories ever to hit the market. Not only do they look great, but every product in the range has been tested for quality and durability.

How many phone mounts have you tried that look great but are fiddly to attach? StrideCharge offers the best of both worlds. Its sleek design is complemented by a simple attachment process. The locking system works flawlessly; precisely what customers want.

You can ride, run, drive and hike over the most rugged terrain without worrying about your overpriced phone hitting the ground.

Quality and Design are World Class

The StrideCharge is made using high-grade ABS, which is renowned for its incredible resistance to high-impact mishaps and scratches. Built to last and look good, you can play hard without the fear of breaking your phone. And guess what? There’s no annoying rattles, and the shock-absorbing material frees your phone from damaging vibration.

Multi-Purpose StrideCharge Charge Case And Phone Mount Is A Game Changer

Outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and bikepacking have seen a huge boom in popularity as people look for healthy and cost-effective ways to stay in shape. What do all these activities have in common? Your cell phone; that’s right, whether we like it or not, our cell phones are never too far away.

Many outdoor enthusiasts use their phones to track activities on third-party apps like Strava, and if anyone has hiked before, the problem they face is how fast their battery drains using GPS. The StrideCharge Wireless Charger and Phone Mount is the Answer.

Days Out With The Family

Have you ever been out on a long family trip only to realize your battery is in “low power mode” and you’ve got no charger? Apart from being inconvenient, it can actually be a safety issue, especially if something unfortunate happens. With StrideCharge, you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying.

Playing 18 Holes Of Golf

I’m an avid amateur golfer with all the gear; I’m not any good by the way, but as Dad used to say, “if you’re going to lose, you may as well look good.” But jokes aside, golfers like me use GPS apps to track distance; these apps are excellent, but as with most GPS apps, they drain your battery.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the final hole with a difficult approach to play, and you can’t use your GPS because your battery is dead. Simply put, Stridecharge could be the difference between hitting the green or ending up in the water. 

Hiking and Trail Running

Stay safe out on the hiking and running trails with your StrideCharge, guaranteeing your phone is fully charged to the max. Tracking apps and GPS signals help locate hikers and let others in your group know your whereabouts. In this instance, StrideCharge could quite literally save your life.

Baby Strollers

Ensuring your phone is charged when walking or running with your baby stroller is critical to your safety. Knowing their phone is fully charged gives parents peace of mind that they can contact friends, family, or even the police if anything should happen. You can also check your weather app to see if you need to get a move on.


Just as golfers do, fishermen also use GPS apps to track things like their location and any incoming bad weather that might be on its way. With StrideCharge, you’ll never have to worry again about using your favorite apps and taking a photo of that “mythical” 25-foot catch.

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