Chore Care: Types of Housekeeping Services Every Homeowner Must Know

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Housekeeping refers to cleaning, cooking, shopping, home maintenance, and bill payment that requires management. These tasks can be carried out either by family members or by people recruited specifically for the job. However, note that housekeeping is a broader role than a cleaner, solely concerned with cleaning. 


Housekeeping services are quite common these days. Chore Care is an online cleaning platform that allows customers to access a range of cleaning companies and individual cleaners. Based on your personal requirements, you can pick the cleaning service you want. The online podium also offers various types of housekeeping services to choose from. 

 They are ideal for busy people with hectic schedules. Busy people hire housekeeping services more often to lighten the burdens of modern life. In their spare time, nobody likes to do household chores. People prefer to spend free time with their loved ones or indulge in a fun activity that brings them joy. 


When considering hiring a housekeeper, it’s crucial to understand different housekeeping services. This will assist homeowners in making the best choice according to their budget and special requirements. If they decide to self-recruit, the hiring procedure can take longer. You don’t need to repeat the process too often. It takes time for a new housekeeper to settle in and learn the household routine. 


It’s important to learn different types of housekeeping services to make the right choice:



A cleaner or maid provides a basic cleaning service. However, a housekeeper should not be mistaken for a maid. They can work in more commercial cleaning locations or for end-of-tenancy cleanings. They may be used for short visits in private houses and scheduled regularly, although they are rarely employed full-time for a single property. 


Live-in Housekeeper 

Housekeeping services with a live-in housekeeper are quite popular. They might be full-time or part-time employees who work for a property and are supplied with housing as part of the package. Either within the main house or on the grounds, a housekeeper is a high-quality expert who can clean, tidy and take excellent care of your home and property. This is a popular option for properties that require flexibility and security on-site, as the live-in housekeeper can help with errands, cooking, childcare, and security when homeowners are not home. 


Live-Out Housekeeper 

Live-out housekeepers can be part-time or full-time. Like a live-in housekeeper, a live-out housekeeper is a professional cleaner who tidies up the place, organizes, and manages the wardrobe, and performs other tasks such as cooking, shopping, pet care, and childcare. A live-out housekeeper is a common option for households that don’t have the room for a live-in housekeeper yet don’t require full-time assistance.


House Manager & Housekeeper 

A housekeeper offering house management duties is also a house manager. The housekeeper can assist with house management tasks in this area. This could entail administrative duties, managing contractors, managing domestic schedules, and ensuring that the property is well-maintained, in addition to the usual housekeeping responsibilities. This is a popular option for high-end venues or busy family homes that require extra assistance or have larger teams of household personnel.


Housekeeper Cleaning Firms 

Homeowners can hire a housekeeper cleaning company if they don’t want to self-recruit or go via an agency to hire someone. They pay the housekeeper cleaning firm to send their workers to their house for cleaning service. This is usually a more expensive choice, and the quality/standard may be lower than hiring a cleaner directly. That’s because the firm takes a big chunk out of the cleaner’s compensation. If the homeowner pays a higher fee, the housekeeper isn’t getting paid nearly as much. They are also unlikely to provide full-time assistance, so this isn’t a good solution for larger families.


Within housekeeping, homeowners may find the options of institutional and domestic housekeeping. Institutional housekeeping refers to maintaining commercial institutions such as hotels, resorts, and inns. Domestic housekeeping refers to the upkeep of a domestic residence or home, including the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, reception area, and nearby surroundings. 


Types of Housekeeping Service Suitable for Homeowners

 It can be challenging to determine which housekeepers are right for homeowners as everyone has different requirements. Some things to think about are:

  • The dimension of your home 
  • How often do you want them to visit?
  • What’s better – live in or live out?
  • Tasks not related to specific cleaning
  • Flexibility
  • If you require them to accompany you on a trip or to care for your home while you are gone


Housekeeping Duties 

The most basic housekeeping duty is to take care of general cleanliness. A housekeeper’s basic tasks include:

  • Cleaning floors 
  • Making beds 
  • Dusting surfaces 

Chore Care is an online platform that offers housekeeping services. It can be used to compare and contrast quotes, check ratings and reviews, manage schedules, learn estimated service hours, and request more than one cleaner of different local and individual cleaning businesses via their Chore Care App. To use their service, select a convenient time and date of your choice using their Chore Care App available on Google Play and Apple Store. You can also reach out to Chore Care support via or use 1:1 inquiry from their website. Also, note that the platform only pays out to cleaners when the job is well done.

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