The Cummins Cowgirl Rides to Multi-Industry Success at Top Speed

A mechanic, a model, an influencer, and a rising entrepreneur – it’s rare to see an individual who carries all four hats, rarer still to find one who is seemingly effortlessly succeeding at balancing them altogether. 

Thriving against odds, Chloe Yonker, The Cummins Cowgirl, is the social media darling, model, and powerhouse businesswoman who initially started as a mechanic.

With more than three hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram, a mechanic shop, and countless online purchases rushing in, Chloe Yonker has a fairly hectic schedule. “I wake up and fulfill orders from my website, ship them, run errands, pick up parts for the vehicles I’m working on, and anything else I need to do that day,” she revealed.

“I travel a lot, so when I am home, it’s typically catching up on the work I’ve missed while I’ve been gone.” While completing these daily checklists and managing her virtual and physical shops, The Cummins Cowgirl also publishes posts regularly on multiple social media channels.

The endless pile of tasks is enough to shatter anyone’s plate except, apparently, Chloe’s. Despite the overwhelming workload, the crowd-favorite influencer remains optimistic and driven to secure a worry-free and financially stable lifestyle.

“I wanted to be independent without working for another company so I could have more freedom of where I go, who I work with, and just build my own brand.”

Her desire to succeed and become self-sufficient led to an exploration of lucrative avenues. First launching her career as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, she turned to virtual platforms to establish an online presence. 

The limitless growth potential within the Internet gave The Cummins Cowgirl leverage in catapulting herself and her brand to recognition. Through the popular applications, she worked toward her mission of becoming a positive influence to the global audience and found an opportunity to spin her passion into profit. 

The impressive response on social media pushed the then-emerging influencer to transition into a full-fledged entrepreneur. She opened “The CC Customs” and unveiled merchandise, clothing lines, seasonal collections, and accessories to the satisfaction of her followers.

Since its inception, The CC Customs’ products have crossed oceans. Buyers residing in Australia, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Finland, and Turkey, among other countries, have placed their orders in and expressed their interest in the upcoming releases.

With attention pouring in worldwide, it’s safe to say that this success is only the beginning for the multi-industry powerhouse. While balancing multiple hats and excelling at wearing each, The Cummins Cowgirl is set to conquer unprecedented heights and only grows more determined to do so as soon as possible.

“I want to be a badass babe every day, even on days, I don’t feel like one. I love being independent, and I have very large dreams that I want to accomplish, and those won’t become a reality unless I get up and work for them.” 

So, for those who plan on following her footsteps, The Cummins Cowgirl only has this to say: “work hard. Then work even harder.”

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