Steven Phillippe Making a Killing as an Expert Salesman and Author

It is one thing to claim to know how to sell; it is another to show it and be willing to teach as many people as possible. Steven Phillippe has done all and has continued to thrive in his expertise and professionalism as a salesman.

Coming from a humble background, his first life lessons came from his father who spent his whole life working in corporate America only to lose everything including their home in the twinkle of an eye. Steven watched his father’s world crumble to a state of helplessness and he vowed that that was never going to be him. The moment he found himself working up to 70 hours a week for mediocre pay, he retraced his steps and set his foot firmly on a more stable and promising career path.

Steven Phillippe’s journey to success wasn’t exactly ordered as all he wanted to achieve was success without any specific steps to make it happen. He took an old step to invest in his personal development and as in the long run, it paid off, and made him into the well-respected salesman and author that many people want to learn from today. Steven is a well-known best-selling author whose book has inputs and inspiration from celebrated names in business like Les Brown, Johnny Wimbrey and Nik Halik. He has proven his sales expertise by generating nearly $100,000 in profits within his first year in sales for business ventures he worked with.

As a salesman, Steven Phillippe has mastered the art of persuasion and tonality, and currently, he’s teaching other people to attain the same level of mastery. With his sizable number of followership on social media, Steven Phillippe has established himself as an authority in the writing and sales niche. His dynamic writing skills has shed light on sales secrets that have taken many individuals the opportunity to grow from mediocre into world class. He also writes for Entrepreneur Magazine where he showcases his expertise and knowledge.

Steven has promoted numerous companies and individuals through his brand and helped them gain more credibility with his platform. He hopes to write for more publications over the next few years and be able to share his knowledge and experience with a wider audience globally. Steven’s rise to success happened as a result of numerous hours of doing business and gaining knowledge from his mentors such as the greatest motivational speaker of all time, Les Brown and celebrity life coach Johnny Wimbrey. He also spent time nurturing his mind by learning from motivational speaker Nik Halik and he hopes to embody all his influences and pass down as much knowledge and resources as possible to the upcoming generation.

Steven Phillippe got into the business to change the financial situation of his family tree. From changing his family’s legacy, he developed a passion to help others change theirs. Over the next five years, Steven sees his brand expanding, making more revenue and creating a higher value for other brands. “I hope to become one of the biggest influencers in the world while expanding my writing abilities and knowledge to other major brands all over the world,” he said.

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