Rising Star The Black Bon Jovi Aka The Cancer Killa Uses His Influence to Elicit Positive Change For Cancer Survivors Everywhere

Cancer has ravaged so many lives all over the world. The disease has become such a bane in our existence, taking away the lives of many of our loved ones. For cancer survivors, their road towards success has never been easy, and despite overcoming the debilitating disease, their morale often dwindles as their fight rages on. It is extremely important to have a strong pillar of support as a Cancer survivor. Fortunately, Dominic “The Black Bon Jovi” Smith, a.k.a. The Cancer Killa, is here to give survivors all the support that they deserve.

“My people’s mission is to raise donations which will provide funds towards treatment and services for cancer survivors and their families, especially for those without insurance,” explained The Black Bon Jovi. “The unfortunate circumstances of cancer survivors dictate that we all join forces in the fight to eradicate this horrific disease,” he eloquently added.

The supreme driving force and motivator for his group’s fundraising efforts stem primarily from the devastation that cancer has caused in the lives of too many victims and survivors. Many of their family members have lost their lives as a result of cancer. So, they have banded together to make sure that no one has to ever go through the pain that they went through.

A recording artist by profession, The Black Bon Jovi founded his own cancer-fighting kickball team called The Cancer Killa. Through his foundation, he aims to create awareness and gather funds to help cancer research. In line with his advocacies, he has hosted events in various countries to promote awareness and raise funds across the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

He is affiliated with the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club, has work together with them to launch off the 3rd Annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Tour on June, 5 2021, at Dodgers Dreamfield, a field owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are also key benefactors of the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club. As the LA Rams and Chargers are hosting Super Bowl LVI at the SoFi Stadium, there should be a plethora of opportunities for The Black Bon Jovi to spread his message across these segments by the second quarter of 2022.

Present at the Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Tour were Andre Reed Nfl Hall Of Famer ( Buffalo Bills ) , Uchenna Nwosu ( Nfl La Chargers) , Dion Jordan (NFL San Francisco 49ers) Waah Dean Jr ( Ruff Ryders) , Jay Bape ( President Of Grabba Gang) , S. Ling Wu from the American Cancer Society, Fredia “The Cheetah” Gibbs, who is the Women’s Kickboxing World Champion, and Sgt Luq Watkins , Rashad Sharif , Alfonso Alfaro from LAPD and Richard De La Cruz the Hottest Sports Photographer from 35 RAW, who was the one to capture each lasting moment.

The fundraiser tour was prominently sponsored and supported by massive brands such as AT&T and many more. Ultimately, this event has been a great way for the youth and the community to come together and foster new friendships for a good cause. 

As a recording artist, The Black Bon Jovi is a cut above the rest. His music always manages to connect with society as his powerful lyricism speaks about the deep issues that are happening all around us. His most recent track, “Look What You Done,” featuring Jose Guapo and Chuckie D, talks about the violent injustices that the Black community continues to suffer to this very day.

As a musician, he has managed to work with many notable artists in the industry. He has had the opportunity of collaborating with Trina, an American rapper dubbed as one of the most consistent female rappers of all time. 

Overall, The Black Bon Jovi is in a league of his own. He is a recording artist who has successfully balanced his artistry and his philanthropy, bringing new ways to express himself and help the many people around him. He is truly an inspiration to us all, and it’s only a matter of time before massive success will truly find him.

To know more about The Black Bon Jovi, make sure to visit his official website. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter. You can also email him for inquiries on speaking engagements or performances.