Paul Andrés Trudel Payne Holds the Door Open for Aspiring Home Experts and Entrepreneurs

A steady first step into a successful career is research. By looking up proven hacks and techniques to conquer any field, aspiring entrepreneurs will have secured their position as a rising industry leader. Sharing advice derived from his entrepreneurial journey, celebrated artist and tycoon Paul Andrés Trudel Payne is holding the door open for future home experts.

Born on May 29, 1985, in Yakima, Washington, Paul Andrés Trudel Payne is an influential figure in interior and digital design, business, and publishing. At a tender age, Paul Andrés was already enamored with everything that made a house a home. Realizing a dream in his newfound passion, the passionate creative decided to work on his craft and pursue a career as a realtor and interior designer.

“Turning my obsession into a career, was definitely the right move! I’ve grown my business into a lifestyle brand in under 5 years, won multiple awards, both nationally and internationally as a designer and entrepreneur, and am honored to be featured regularly as a home and lifestyle expert for tons of media outlets like, HuffPost, and others,” he shares. 

Throughout his career, Paul Andrés has established a well-merited reputation as a holistic creative who designs to the experience of the whole person. This implies preparing a space that resonates with the senses and connects to individuals on a deeper level in interior design. His digital work echoes a similar tactic as Paul Andrés Trudel Payne evokes emotion with impactful imagery and masterful storytelling. 

After satisfying countless clients and creating spaces of effortless beauty for his varied audience, Paul Andrés has grown determined to share his vast knowledge and expertise by reinventing his offerings and creating a collaborative space for knowledge to be shared with upcoming home experts and conscious entrepreneurs in the industry. 

In the last year, the celebrated creative sold his real estate company and lifestyle brand and moved from Seattle down to sunny San Diego. Writing the first chapter of a new adventure, he launched a coaching and consulting business, opened an interior and digital design studio, and recently began hosting his video podcast “In Your Mind.”

“My journey might have seemed ideal from the outside, but it did not come without its own set of hurdles and pitfalls. The silver lining has been all the learnings I’ve been able to take from this whirlwind success. And it’s those learnings that led me to explore home in a completely new way. With In Your Mind, I’m deep-diving into the minds of thought leaders and industry game-changers, learning their journey of how they became all that they are today, and with that, uncovering just how they managed to feel at home with exactly who they’ve become.”

Through his lauded ventures, Paul Andrés shares advice, tips, tricks, and resources from his journey as a successful entrepreneur and designer. He has also integrated the success stories of his colleagues and other renowned professionals in his discussions. “I hope sharing these unfiltered journeys with my audience will help them see the similarities of this human experience we are all living and push us all along the journey from ‘I’ to ‘We,’ adding, however big or small, to the effort of creating a more connected and socially responsible society,” he shares.

Besides being a designer, sought-after business consultant, and podcast personality, Paul Andrés Trudel Payne is also a two-time bestselling author and a staunch advocate of mental health and equality. While helping individuals cruise on the road to success, Paul Andrés has created a dedicated following, furthering their drive by being unapologetically authentic and sharing his personal struggles with mental health, his harrowing experience as a biracial gay man, and his heroic journey of healing as a survivor of assault and abuse.

As an exemplary character and inspiration to his reach, Paul Andrés’s influence has stretched far and wide and has wrapped its hands around several awards. Among these distinctions are the 2019 Best Kitchen and Bath Designer, Best Small Business, Build Excellence in Client Care Award, and the 2019 Interior Design Innovator of the Year.

The multifaceted creative is also a recognized contributor for GaysWithKids, Huffpost, Shondaland, Apartment Therapy,, Seattle Child’s Magazine, The Dada Diary, Red Tricycle, and more. His written work has secured him a spot in the 2019 and 2020 Top 20 LGBT Parenting Blog list. 

Learn more about Paul Andrés Trudel Payne and his growing international impact. Visit his profile on Instagram, Facebook, Linktree, and LinkedIn. The driven entrepreneur and his hard-earned techniques are also available on Paul’s official YouTube channel.