Optimizing Athletic Capability: How Keondra Mallard Does It

Track and field is both a sport and an art. Allowing athletes to move their muscles and stretch their bones, requiring knowledge about breathing techniques and proper running stance, and combining fundamentals of running and safety techniques, track athletes do more than simply running. While aspiring athletes recognize the complexity of track and field, some fail to embody the necessary skills and knowledge to run as quickly and safely as possible. Keondra’s Mallard the Speed Doctor exists to address that.

Keondra Mallard is a graduate of Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas. With a Masters in Sports Administration from Concordia University in Austin, she has a complete skill set that any athlete can learn from. She is the youngest Athletic Director in the state of Texas, a Junior Olympic Holder for a 4×100 Meter Relay, and she was ranked Top 10 in the Nation’s 100 and 200 Meter Dash. Mastering the art of track, Keondra Mallard is a living legend in the track and field industry.

Proving that hard work pays off and determination is the key to success, Keondra Mallard started her journey as a simple athlete. She was a short sprinter as a high school student at Mansfield Timberview High School, Arlington, Texas, and by simply loving and persevering on what she was doing, she earned a full scholarship at the University of Texas at Arlington.

She is born to be an athlete. Sports has always been an essential part of her life, and this significant experience navigated her journey towards a sports-related career. She pursued coaching, and after discovering the beauty in developing athletes and seeing them compete against their records, she realized how coaching is the most fitting profession for her. She witnessed her students thrive, and as her students continuously improved, her career flourished in the process.

The desire to solidify the meaning of her work paved the way to the beginning of Mallard The Speed Doctor. Training athletes for college competitions and National Football League, Keondra Mallard witnesses how athletes grow and succeed over time. The students she coaches inevitably get better, and the athletes trained under her became significant personalities in the industry.

The Mallard Speed Doctor is more than just a business. Built on the values of hard work, consistency, communication, acceptance, and results, students are formed into athletes who know the importance of being grounded on principles. Besides training students to be faster and more robust, they are honed into the better versions of themselves, and at the end of the training program, athletes earn a support system from their co-athletes.  

Athletes are trained to perform well in their designated sport. They are taught techniques and strategies on how to surpass their previous records. While training centers do well in helping athletes improve their skills, Mallard Speed Doctor highlights the importance of living with values and principles. It turns out that athletes do better not just by doing well inside the field but also embodying the values they have learned during training in their everyday lives. 

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