Nour Atta Educating Aspiring Traders on How to Hack the Markets

The numbers show that over 98% of traders lose money in the long term. However one trading
and education company hopes to change that by providing aspiring and existing traders with the
necessary knowledge to crack the trading code and make it big in the market. That company is
Stock Hours LLC, led by a twenty-one-year-old millionaire and Founder Nour Atta.

Nour is a trader, influencer, and entrepreneur who has created a reputation for deploying
winning day trading strategies and sharing them with his online community. He runs a trading
education brand and has built a community of successful traders who made up to $7,000,000 by
trading the market in 2020, a year that will go down as one of the worst economic times. Apart
from building up his net worth to unprecedented heights and numbers, the young and
promising stock market advocate hopes to carry thousands of budding traders along with him
on his climb to the top.

The day trading expert’s journey began at the age of sixteen when Nour Atta got the chance to
work an internship on Wall Street. At that time, he primarily served traders at a clerical level,
not getting involved in the process, but simply observing and learning would push him towards
a trajectory that would take him to success levels the trader never imagined before. Nour
started saving as much as he could and began putting money into the market after six months.
As he learned, lost, bounced back, and thrived throughout the next few years, he would start to
watch a whole empire of financial freedom and success grow before his eyes.

Nour Atta was always an open book when it comes to trading the markets. As he would gain
momentum, many of his friends would start coming to him with questions on how they could
get in on the action. He would take on some of those who were more than willing to put the
work in and showed them the ins and outs. That small group of close friends would later branch
out to an online community. In 2018, he launched the educational side to his company and
taught people how to trade on Instagram and YouTube and through an exclusive online

Today, he has amassed a following that most ambassadors would envy. On Instagram, he has
over 202,000 collective followers. His YouTube channel also reaches over 18,000 subscribers
regularly. Nour takes the time to share his trades daily with his hundreds of students while
teaching three to four lessons with his discord group each week. His commitment to helping
others has resulted in hundreds of changed lives now forever molded by the infinite earning
opportunities that day trading the markets offer.
Despite all he has accomplished for himself and others, Nour Atta is barely getting started. He
has only been trading for the last half-decade and is just twenty-one years old. With a whole life
ahead of him and more feats to dream about and achieve, the trader has his eyes set on bigger
prizes. Soon, he hopes to start a hedge fund and invite people to invest into and grow their

Learn more about Nour Atta and Stock Hours by visiting their website, Instagram account, and YouTube channel.