Leezy: Breaking Barriers and Building a Successful Business in the Modeling Industry

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By: Moe A

The entrepreneurial journey often begins unexpectedly, a video seed gestates into a lucrative business by recognizing an opportunity and taking the initiative. Such is the story of Leezy, a dedicated receptionist turned successful entrepreneur who capitalized on her experience and contacts in the modeling industry to run a phenomenal rental business, Luxury Booking, which caters to the video production industry.

French Guyanese-born Leezy came to Paris, set to establish herself in a demanding, often cutthroat modeling industry. As a black French woman, she didn’t just want to succeed, she wanted to become an icon, an inspiration for others facing similar struggles. She’d later go on to be one, thanks to her strong work ethic and unwavering resolve.

Leezy’s entry into entrepreneurship came during her stint as a casting director in the modeling industry. Asked frequently for location cars and models, she identified a niche that was still unexplored. This led to the inception of Luxury Booking, a company that prides itself on providing video shooting necessities. From booking models to arranging cars, clients can count on Luxury Booking for a hassle-free experience.

Leezy’s philosophy is centered around her clients’ satisfaction. Her goal isn’t just to meet her client’s expectations but surpass them, a feat she achieves consistently, manifested in enthusiastic reviews from her clients that keep flooding in. For her, each positive review doesn’t just translate to one successful venture; it affirms that she is on the right path, strengthening her resolve further.

Outside the frenetic world of business and entrepreneurship, Leezy is a dedicated mother trying to strike that elusive ‘work-life balance.’ She considers self-care an integral part of her routine. Exercise isn’t just a physical activity for her; it’s a refuge, a place for mental rejuvenation and clarity.

Despite her rise in a ruthless industry, she remains keen on inspiring others. She advocates passionately for determination and patience, claiming success might be delayed but never denied for those who persevere. She said, “I’ve been in the modeling industry for years but I was trying to figure out what my next move would be. Soon, casting, directing found me. People would contact me for gigs, models, locations, and cars. I got so many requests, I thought, ‘Well, maybe I should do something with this, booking models and figuring out how to package it so that people don’t go anywhere else to book.’ They just contact me to get everything they need.”


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It is this determination to face challenges head-on that has characterized Leezy’s journey – from French Guiana to Paris, a receptionist to a successful entrepreneur. Her story is a testament to her indomitable spirit and an inspiration to others who aspire to turn their dreams into reality.

Leezy’s achievements aren’t just a personal victory; they underline the universality of success, unbound by barriers, cultural or otherwise. A testament to the axiom that anyone, regardless of their background, can dream, hustle, and ultimately, succeed, Leezy continues to inspire budding entrepreneurs and confirms that perseverance and faith can indeed pave the way to achieving one’s dreams.

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