How Joshua Finley Changed His Life By Helping Others to Share Theirs

A few short years ago, Joshua Finley was earning $2,000/mo managing an ice cream shop that he had launched with a friend. He always wanted to do something as an entrepreneur, but he wasn’t sure what exactly it looked like. After giving up his share in the shop due to conflicting business ideas, he stumbled across writing. Over the last two years, he has completed revamped his career as a professional ghostwriter and book publisher. Officially launching his company, Domor Books, in January 2022, he generated over 5 figures in revenue in the first month of business. How he has achieved this is a combination of patience, relationships, and work ethic for him and his young family.

Entrepreneurship has always been Finley’s goal in life. “Since I was young, I would pitch business ideas to my dad. I just wanted to build something to help people.” Although, he put his entrepreneurial tendencies aside for four years of college, he always knew it was something he would return to as soon as he saw an opportunity. In 2019, after a short stint in management with Taco Bell and Enterprise  Rent-A-Car, an opportunity presented itself.

“A friend of mine mentioned opening a shop together and we went for it.” Because he had next to no cash saved up, Finley agreed to form a partnership based on sweat equity. He would work for a 50% percent stake in the company. Unfortunately, things changed. After a disagreement on business practices, he ended up losing everything in the company – over a year of work and he had nothing to show for it. With his first son, and his wife to take care off, he had no time to slow down. “I was able to work out an agreement to keep working at the shop, but I started looking for something else. That’s when I stumbled into writing.”

In what he believes was a “God thing,” he was able to start writing on the side for an influencer he met on Instagram, that was the turning point in his life. After a few months of working with this influencer, he met another businessman that needed his help. In a matter of a few months, he was interviewing people for new articles and editing books. Quickly, he realized two things. “I realized that I liked sharing people’s stories and writing could make good money.”

Over the next few years, he has committed to helping others share their story and grow their brand through writing. His company has helped entrepreneurs, athletes, and other public figures to share their story through books, speeches and other writing. His favorite part of the journey has been the relationships he has formed. As a writer and publisher, you become very familiar with people’s stories and lives and that forms a strong connection. Although he is still growing, his goal is to become a giant in the industry. “I genuinely want to tell stories. People will latch on to that like Disney or Marvel.” You can follow and connect with Finley here.

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