Hither Mann and the Fortune Academy Leading the Discussion on Financial Freedom and Pursuing Your Passion

The financial industry is an integral part of every economy, shaping the economy of a society and, by extension, the financial capability of an individual. Yet, the financial education needed for initiation into the world of figures and calculations remains a mystery to many. However, dauntless individuals such as Hither Mann have learned to master the intricacies of the financial sector and are now paving the path for others to achieve financial freedom.

Hither Mann is an accomplished entrepreneur, financial trader, investor, mentor, and founder of the Fortune Academy, the world’s pioneer lifetime wealth education company helping individuals and business owners scale their enterprise to an IPO level. Based in Monaco in Southern France, Hither is acknowledged as one of the leading financial educators of international repute and has several awards dedicated to her accomplishments, including the Entrepreneur of the Year honor by the UK House of Lords.

As the world’s first female trader and educator since 2013, Hither Mann is a formidable force to reckon with in the trading and financial industry. Her astute business acumen and personal resilience were born from a childhood experience that left her determined to carve a reputable name for herself in history books. When she was nine, she witnessed the financial burden of her family take its toll on her parents as they constantly argued, made worse by her father’s dissatisfaction with his lack of entrepreneurial control. 

Even at such an impressionable and young age, Hither was determined to break through the social conditioning and the rat race, attain financial freedom, and in turn, lend a helping hand to people around her. “I had to break a lot of social conditioning constraints which were very difficult in my culture. It was a lonely journey but I feel it’s more important to make an impact than being liked by everyone, and that is what drives me. To make sure that at the end, my life meant something, and I helped others dare to be different no matter what their background or family tradition would otherwise dictate” she passionately shared.

A decade and a half later, Hither remained dedicated to her childhood goal and underwent rigorous training as a business and financial industry student. Emerging victorious, Hither established the Fortune Academy, where she has impacted and influenced the lives of tens of thousands of individuals by sharing her vast knowledge of the financial and trading industry in a one-of-its-kind tested-and-proven approach to lifetime wealth education. 

Through the Fortune Academy, Hither leverages her experience in the financial industry and her connection to a stellar roster of facilitators and mentors—managing directors and executives from tier-one banks and other financial monoliths to help her students hack into the financial industry and emerge a multi-millionaire. “We have the highest caliber education and mentoring in the business and financial trading sector. Since I’m an active business person and trader, I can show them the constantly changing dynamics that are happening every quarter, let alone every year,” she explained.

At Fortune Academy, words are followed suit by actions, and the company’s impressive record speaks for itself. One of the company’s signature programs, the Millionaire Project, boasts of the highest standards and equally high success rates. One of the Academy’s beginners’ courses on forex trading was awarded the best online training course in 2020 by Yahoo! Finance for its simplicity and overall effectiveness. In coming years, Hither is setting her eyes on creating a fintech platform for her academy, extending Fortune Academy’s wealth of knowledge to citizens of developing countries to help them attain financial freedom.

To know more about Hither Mann or seek out her financial mentorship program at the Fortune Academy, visit the official website. You can also reach her on  Instagram.


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