Fighting All Monsters Stands at the Frontlines, Fighting for Children and Families That Have Been Impacted by Childhood Cancer

Children all over the world are facing the dire consequences of an incurable disease. Childhood cancer is a massive plague on patients and families everywhere. Fortunately, Milk Tyson stands at the forefront of the fight against childhood cancer, establishing his own non-profit organization, Fighting All Monsters, more famously abbreviated as FAM. 

Since 2018, Fighting All Monsters has been helping children fight cancer, taking the non-profit sector by storm through its innovative approach to charity. In 2020, FAM got the much-needed recognition it deserved with Diddy taking 12 kids and FAM on the Ellen Show. “We were ready to have our grand opening, but then COVID-19 came, and we had to restart,” said Milk Tyson. 

Instead of throwing a big fancy gala for the donors to enjoy, Fighting All Monsters invited 60 moms from 30 states and flew them to Islamorada, Florida, in the Keys, all expenses paid. All of the flights were sponsored by the United Recovery Project. The participants had six waterfront mansions provided by Keys Ocean Views. They had private chefs for all catered meals, shows, fireworks, 24-hour beach massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing. 

There were several events such as excursions such as paddle boarding, sightseeing on boats, snorkeling for the entire group, and shopping trips. Everything was 100% free to all the moms. The invited moms all have kids who have childhood cancer or other medically complex conditions, with more than eleven of them recently losing their child to cancer. 

The event was capped off with a special lantern release night which FAM called “Letters to Heaven,” where the moms who lost children wrote notes on Chinese lanterns and released them to heaven. Fighting All Monsters is declaring an all-out war on childhood cancer. With Milk Tyson at the helm, the organization is disrupting the non-profit sector as they continue to do things in a more aggressive and more accessible manner. 

Most non-profit organizations reserve their best events for their donors, but FAM wants to build their organization differently, putting the actual people they serve in the limelight. “Being a cancer mom is the hardest thing in the world, and if we can help in any way, we will!” said Milk Tyson. “We also have a dad’s retreat coming up next, and we are looking for sponsors for that and for a cruise where we can take over an entire cruise ship and invite families.

FAM isn’t looking to host costly galas, entertain the same old circle of elite donors, or just sit around in endless deliberations regulating the appropriate way to distribute funds. Fighting All Monsters is appealing to donors who want to cut the red tape and get the donations directly to FAMilies. 

Fighting All Monsters is breaking new ground within the realm of non-profit organizations. It is sending a clear message to the world that it is fully dedicated to helping families deal with childhood cancer. Milk Tyson has made sure that his non-profit organization runs smoothly and always operates for the purpose of his advocacies and the greater cause that FAM is fighting for.

To know more about Fighting All Monsters and the amazing Milk Tyson, make sure to check out his official website. Join the Fighting All Monsters FAMily by checking out their website