Divine Drops Reaching Out and Helping with Women’s Menstrual Health and Challenges

Menstruation for many women in many places is a life challenge, especially for young girls in their formative years. From the hormonal imbalance that comes with menstruation to the misunderstood PMS, women have to endure a great deal of castigation, frustration and shame for something they have zero control over. Seeing how much this affected many young women and having a solution that she was already using, Mikaela Ingram established Divine Drops, a non-profit that provides menstrual support to women globally, especially in impoverished areas.

Mikaela Ingram, a registered nurse, set things in motion during the pandemic when she was working as a travel nurse in Arizona and Mexico. She witnessed firsthand the conditions under which many young girls in the Philippines managed their monthly menstruation and concluded within her that no young girl should live that way.

Through Divine Drops, she set out to proffer solutions that would ensure they had hitch-free menstruation that wouldn’t harm their confidence, stop them from attending school or disrupt their plans for the future. Divine Drops offers the smallest menstrual cup on the market and with every purchase, the non-profit can support up to six women. Describing the non-profit’s vision, “We plan to utilize women all over the world that want to do good without spending a lot of time doing so. We want women to feel confident to connect Divine Drops resources to the women in need in their community,” Mikaela said.

Divine Drops aims to connect with women to grants that can donate their money and efforts. The goal is to make available super easy and reusable period care products that are clean, reliable and effective. “We will put an end to the shame and blame that goes on around hormones, menstruation and the misunderstood PMS. We aim to reconnect women back to their bodies and cycles through understanding, a global community of women and sustainable products that will support and last,” the company said.

The motivation to build Divine Drops was born out of a deep understanding of what women go through monthly. Mikaela experienced it and knows that many other women experience it too, albeit in poverty-stricken conditions. As the goals for the non-profit begin to align, Mikaela Ingram has her sights set on long-term goals, which include building a program in the native American community in the United States, running an online community of women, providing them with hormonal resources and support, and donating one million products to women worldwide in the next decade. “Our long-term core missions include shedding light on the issues women go through and how people can help support, and helping women everywhere realize there is a holistic source for hormone and menstrual support. We want women to understand they are divine and cherished,” Mikaela noted.

Learn more about Divine Drops on the official website.

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