Brandon Dean Johnson Brings Color to the Streets of LA With His 101 Hoodlins Pop up Art Show

For visual artists, job opportunities can be challenging to come by. So when Brandon Dean Johnson graduated from Elizabeth City State University, he decided to further improve his knowledge in the arts by going abroad. When he returned, Brandon went into entertainment, building his own company, BigFooters. Since then, they have been responsible for creating some unique content today. One of their more recent projects was the visual exhibit 101 Hoodlins Pop Up Art Show. 

A graphic design and fine arts major, Brandon Dean Johnson traveled across Europe, applying his studies and showcasing his skills while absorbing the different styles and cultures he encountered. He would eventually return to the United States, settling in Los Angeles to contribute to the entertainment industry. However, Brandon found it challenging to find a job opportunity and resorted to forging his own path. He laid the foundations for BigFooters by showcasing his works, and Brandon’s productivity attracted the attention of other talented individuals. They shared similar struggles in finding a platform that could utilize their talent, and Brandon decided to have them join the fray.

Among their multitude of content is a television show called The Ratchet Raychel Show, a puppet program that Brandon and BigFooters had been developing for years. Although they received funding, their development was short-lived, and BigFooters decided that instead of burying Ratchet Raychel, they would continue to work on the content in an effort to get it picked up. Their determination to survive paid off, as The Ratchet Raychel Show received funding to develop a pilot.

The Ratchet Raychel show features the titular character embarking on a journey to return to the spotlight after getting blacklisted in Hollywood two decades earlier. She is joined by an ensemble that consists of characters like Billy, Hola Senor, Pervy Perv, and the Hoodlins. The Hoodlins became popular, prompting Brandon and his team to capitalize on their popularity.

The pandemic’s arrival forced people to operate from home, and after staying inside throughout the entire winter in 2020, Brandon came up with the idea to pick up a brush and illustrate his creations in the traditional medium. With his background in arts, Brandon Dean started creating paintings that featured the Hoodlins. Because of their two-dimensional design, the Hoodlins were the perfect subject as they bore a fresh yet nostalgic look. He made more than a hundred different art pieces with the Hoodlins. Eager to show his works, he decided to set up an art exhibit.

Titled 101 Hoodlins Pop Up Art Show, Brandon Dean prepared a three-day event that showcased all of his works. The event proved to be a successful one, as more than half the pieces he made were sold. In addition, art lovers and pop culture enthusiasts came in to see what Brandon had to present, falling in love with his works and generating interest in the Ratchet Raychel show. 

The success of the 101 Hoodlins Pop Up Art Show has inspired Brandon to continue producing more works featuring the Hoodlins. He shares his enthusiasm for their growing popularity. He foresees the Hoodlins generating the same pop culture status that French artist Invader’s pixel art has or the distinguishable style Andy Warhol has popularized. “I see the Hoodlins being an iconic piece worldwide,” he said.

Learn more about the 101 Hoodlins Pop Up Art Show by visiting their official website. You can also get more updates by following Rachet Raychel on Instagram.

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