Ayelet Kaznelson Is Ready to Dive Back Into Acting After Several Years of Hiatus

After many years of taking a break from her acting career, Ayelet Kaznelson is more than ready to jump back into the game and pick up where she left off. The 56-year-old Israeli beauty seems to not have aged a day since the last time she was on screen, and this attribute is her strongest asset as she takes pride in her all-natural beauty and phenomenal body shape despite her age. 

So what has Ayelet Kaznelson been up to these past several years? She has been diligently and dedicatedly working as a lactation consultant, helping mothers and families in their new journey of welcoming another member of the family. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Labor Support Doula. She started on this path in 1999 after giving birth to her beautiful daughter. Her first work experience in this area was at Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center. 

Unfortunately, the center closed in 2003, and what she thought would be a massive bump along the road turned out to be a greater opportunity in disguise. Right after Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center shut down, Ayelet Kaznelson was invited by her mentors to be a co-founder of a private practice, which later came to be known as The Manhattan Lactation Group. Additionally, she was invited by Erica Lyon to be one of the original staff of Realbirth, the first comprehensive childbirth education and postpartum center in New York City. 

In 2002, she received her Lactation Counseling Certification. In 2004, after giving birth to her son, the thriving lactation guru passed the International Board Certification exam. Determined to take her private practice further and be able to help more women and families embrace the many benefits of breastfeeding, Ayelet Kaznelson relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, where she established her very own private practice – The Los Angeles Lactation Group. She was a staff lactation consultant at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at the same time. The following year, she found her way back to New York, where she focused on her own private practice.

The past several years have proven to be very productive and satisfying for Ayelet as she provided occasional labor support to her family and friends, which eventually became a full-time endeavor in conjunction with her work as a lactation expert. She is now also a midwife assistant as well after completing her training at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. Apart from these, she also teaches and runs clinics at the Prenatal Yoga Center and Manhattan Valley Pediatrics. 

She has come to a point in her life when she hopes to see what else is in store for her, and her love for acting once again came to life. “I feel so much more ready now than when I was younger. A lot has happened in my life in the past 20 years. Some of it was amazing. Some of it was pretty rough. I find it all has informed my acting in a way that brings new depths to my work. Also, rare for women my age in the industry, I have never had any plastic surgeries or physical alterations of any kind and gave up coloring my hair three years ago.” 

Ayelet Kaznelson looks forward to going back to acting full-time in the next five years to rekindle one of her greatest passions in life. While she will always remain a lactation consultant, she aspires to explore new possibilities in the entertainment industry and create new paths for herself along the way. As she boldly embraces this new and exciting season in her life, she can be expected to pursue greater feats and new adventures. 

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