Alex Valencia: Diversifying is Key to a Successful Business

Adaptability to change is a key trait to have in life, especially when growing a business. Any successful business owner could tell you that. If you aren’t able to change and adapt to your business’s industry, there is no doubt that it will plunder. Alex Valencia, the co-owner of We Do Web Content, is no stranger to this notion. “Diversifying protects you and your business,” he explains. “Providing different products and opening them up to diverse clientele is beneficial to any business.”

Alex has adapted to numerous bumps in the road to where he is now. He was previously working with Citibank for nearly 20 years until the market crashed in 2008. Like many others throughout the world, he was laid off from his job and left questioning his financial future. But he saw an opportunity to join his wife Yvette as she was starting to grow her new business, We Do Web Content.

We Do Web Content soon became a content pioneer within the law industry, creating content for attorneys that drove massive traffic and converted those eyeballs into sales. A piece of content that cost only a few hundred would have a lifetime value in the hundreds of thousands. The successful content model gained a lot of attention, and We Do Web Content grew rapidly, expanding to represent medical groups, other niche industries, and even Fortune 500 companies. Alex shared, “We’ve had a significant amount of growth based on helping others grow, and along the way, our business was getting noticed because we were assisting other people,” says Alex.

Their success is due to their faith and confidence in what they do and their ability to shift with the ever-changing market. The agency is constantly innovating to keep up with the changing market, and they have their newest project brewing – a software system called WeDo, that will change the way we think about content. “We live in a time where technology changes day by day, and we would have gotten left behind if we didn’t create it,” Alex says.

This new software program will not only be advantageous to clients of We Do Web Content, but it will be available to others in the market as well. “It will also help other agencies, content providers, and content developers have a seamless and cost-effective product that will save them time and money.”

Creating something new and morphing a business can be daunting and challenging, but not for Alex and his team. This new software is currently in beta testing and will complement and enhance the industry, unlike anything else on the market. We Do Web Content’s clientele will get their content needs to be met with this new innovation. “We know what it’s like to use three different platforms to deliver one thing, so we made it easy and developed one.”

We Do Web Content plans to unleash their exciting new software program for the fall. In the meantime, there are already companies on a waiting list to get their hands on this exciting new platform. The agency is fine-tuning the program and looks forward to onboarding new clients.

Although the agency changes with the times, one thing still holds true: the importance of people. Alex has a “treat others the way you want to be treated” attitude and applies it to his clients and his family and employees. He boasts about the importance of comradery in a business, no matter the industry. “We have a very family-centric, thoughtful, and driven company,” Alex explains. We Do Web Content might be a leader in the content industry, but their people-first mentality will ensure that their values will stay the same no matter how much they grow.



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