3 Beliefs That Helped Tiffany Julie Become A 7+ Figure Entrepreneur

What I have noticed from working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs is the beliefs they hold are what shape their outcomes. The level of potential a business owner steps into depends on whether they have automatic thoughts and beliefs that support them or hold them back.

I have adopted three specific beliefs that I believe relate to why I am successful. Non-supportive beliefs can create self-sabotage and keep you from living to your highest potential. Why? Because the thoughts you think are directly related to the actions, you will take.

When you think a thought like you are not good enough you will most likely procrastinate on the things you know you need to do. On the contrary, if you think a thought such as I am powerful, it is more likely you will align the following action with what will move you towards your goals. From seeing the shifts, I’ve been able to create and what my clients create every day by changing our thoughts, I firmly believe when you change your thoughts, you change your results. Here are the three beliefs I think are the most powerful for you to try on so you can create your next level of success.

  1. I can figure anything out!

I adopted the belief long ago that I could figure out anything! I have integrated this belief at an identity level, so my first response is that I can figure this out when met with a challenge.

Every successful person will tell you they believe in themselves and that they will figure it out. Over the last decade, being a high-performance success coach, I have noticed that people play below their potential because when met with a tough situation, they think they can not handle it or try to find the answer outside of themselves. Both are not ideal thought patterns that create success. The thought pattern you can figure anything out will help you find solutions fast.

When this becomes your automatic response to hard things business throws your way, you will find increased confidence over time by implementing the solutions you came up with and seeing success from them.

So next time you run up against a challenge and do not know the way out, try on the belief “I can figure out anything”! This belief counteracts any roadblock life, or business will throw your way. It will give you wings to fly right over it or provide you with the strength to plow through it. The exponential results you will be able to create using this one belief will blow your mind.

  1. Life and business are learning labs.

I have adopted the mindset that life and business are learning labs and the information received from the external environment is simply a feedback loop showing me what works and what does not.

This mindset empowers you to stop doing what does not work and start doing more of what does. It gives you the clarity of your strengths and points of weaknesses, so you can continually optimize. But unless we look at the data in this way, it is impossible to extract this type of clarity.

When you can view life and business through this lens, you become detached from outcomes, you will not make the results mean anything about you personally, and you will not be afraid of something not working because it is just information. This thought pattern helps you play a bigger game because fear is not an issue anymore, and you learn how to pivot as necessary.

Often we play small in business because we fear failure. But when you have this belief, failure is removed from your vocabulary altogether. What do you think you would go for if you were not afraid of the outcomes in your business? What kind of increased joy could you experience if you were not taking everything so seriously?

  1. The better it gets, the better it gets.

I have found after coaching countless entrepreneurs that a common belief shared was that business had to be a roller coaster ride. I saw this belief playing out in their companies by having high-income months followed by low-income months and high productive months followed by low productive months. This belief crushes more business owners than you may think, and the truth is it does not have to be that way, so if you have been on a roller coaster ride to success, then you must look at what you believe about business and success.

I used to be on this roller coaster ride myself until I got frank about what was creating that. I can say that the belief “business has to be challenging” was the belief that self-sabotaged me into this non-supportive cycle of highs and lows. We are taught from a young age that being an entrepreneur or a business owner is not safe, and it is hard. The numbers will shock you if you look at the statistics of businesses that fail within the first five years. That is no accident.

I decided that the belief “the better it gets, the better it gets” is way more supportive and conducive to the results I wanted to create. After integrating this belief into my identity, the external results followed. I do not have the ups and downs anymore, and my income only goes higher and higher each month. My net worth only increases with each passing day. My joy and fulfillment also follow a similar up-and-up pattern.

Think about how this could serve your life and business results if you genuinely believe it only gets better from here. Often we get what we expect in life. This belief helps install the optimistic expectation that tomorrow will be better than today. And so it is.

That wraps up the beliefs I feel will directly relate to your success level as a business owner; for additional ways to increase your performance results, head to my website and grab my 8-day video course called High-Performance Accelerator. It will teach you eight ways to be 30% more effective this week, and remember, you got this.

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