Peter O. Estévez Rescuing People from Destructive Habits through Thought Leadership

Today, many people fall into all forms of destructive habits—addictions, self-discounting, wrong beliefs, and so on. Author, podcast host, and influencer Peter O. Estévez knows well enough the harm these practices can bring and is out to change people’s lives by teaching them how to avoid falling into the most common pits that rob people of true success. 

Peter was originally from Mexico City, Mexico, but immigrated to the United States with his family when he was ten years old. Over the years, he has become a renowned entrepreneur, partnering with and growing ventures with other founders in industries like energy, gas, and oil in Mexico. Apart from his business operations, he busies himself with philanthropy, mainly along the lines of addiction recovery and mental health. He is also an author of the book From Lies to Riches: 13 Steps to a Healthy Life and hosts the podcast Peter O. Estévez Show.

Back in 2008, Peter O. Estévez experienced a complete paradigm shift in his life. “After my parents passed away and my wife asked for a divorce, I underwent a major shift in my life that led me to discover areas of myself that I had not been able to work on before,” shared Peter.

Challenge after challenge would come, putting his character and resolve to the test and refining his understanding of what true success meant. At that point, Estévez went through a journey of personal development and worked on his emotional intelligence to be more holistic in his approach to living.

“I put in an effort to become a better person, a better father, a better businessman, a better neighbor, a better friend—a better member of society overall,” the entrepreneur adds. In that season, he would come to a life-altering realization—that life is not singular. He explained how there is more to life than just being one single thing and that everyone needs to see his or her life as a complete package.

After that, Peter O. Estévez experienced a greater sense of clarity and started breaking chains of addiction and bad habits, holding him back from experiencing an integrated life. He started focusing on what he deemed as the five pillars of holistic success—emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial. He began building habits to enforce that belief system, including an exercise regimen, daily prayers, meditation, reading, and many others. 

Peter would later start his podcast, Peter O. Estévez Show where he talks about addiction, recovery, and mental health. To date, the podcast holds the second spot on podcast ratings for education and self-development. Peter has also welcomed some of the most esteemed guests in personal development, including Dean Graziosi, David Meltzer, Dave Hollis, Brad Lea, Dr. John Demartini, Marc Randolph, Evan Carmichael, Steven Kotler, Brendan Kane, and Robin Sharma. With over 90 episodes to date, Peter has built an extensive library of materials that inspires and teaches people to break free from destructive ways and come into a better way of experiencing the finer things in life. 

Peter O. Estévez hopes to impact 100 million people before 2028. And with all that he has achieved in the past, he will likely hit or surpass that number when the buzzer-beater sounds. 

Learn more about Peter and his message by checking out his podcast on Apple and the podcast’s website.

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