Ethan Krampitz and His Academic Journey

Ethan Krampitz and His Academic Journey
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Ethan Krampitz, born in Dallas, Texas, is a multifaceted individual blending academic rigor with diverse interests. As a finance major with a real estate minor at San Diego State University, Ethan is set to graduate in 2025. He hails from a medically inclined family, with a gastroenterologist mother and a neurologist father. Ethan’s passions extend beyond academia, encompassing basketball, swimming, music, and adventure sports like scuba diving. He also has a penchant for Godzilla and vinyl collection. Ethan’s strategic mindset shone through as Vice President of his high school’s Chess Club. Embracing entrepreneurship, he successfully manages an eBay account dealing in autographs and memorabilia.

Q & A With Ethan Krampitz

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, Ethan?

Ethan Krampitz: Absolutely! I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, where I was born on September 6th, 2001. My upbringing was quite unique because both of my parents are in the medical field. My mom is a gastroenterologist and my dad is a neurologist, so there was always a lot of medical talk at home. This environment really shaped my early years and my approach to learning.

What about your education? Where did you go to school, and what are you studying now?

Ethan Krampitz: I attended Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, which was an incredible experience for me. Right now, I’m pursuing a degree in Finance with a minor in Real Estate at San Diego State University. I’m set to graduate in 2025, and I’m really dedicated to my studies. It’s a challenging but rewarding field.

Outside of academics, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Ethan Krampitz: I’ve got a pretty wide range of hobbies! I love staying active, so I spend a lot of time swimming and playing basketball. Music is also a big part of my life – I collect vinyls and enjoy a good mix of pop and rap. But I’m always up for an adventure too. Scuba diving is one of my favorite activities, and I also play the guitar. I’m a big sports fan as well, especially when it comes to basketball, hockey, and football. And I can’t forget about my passion for Godzilla!

Can you share more about your extracurricular activities?

Ethan Krampitz: Sure! In high school, I was the Vice President of the Chess Club at Parish Episcopal School. It was a great way to develop my strategic thinking. At San Diego State University, I’m a proud member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. It’s a fantastic fraternity where I’ve made some strong connections with like-minded individuals.

I’ve heard you have an entrepreneurial side as well, particularly with an online business. Could you tell us more about that?

Ethan Krampitz: Definitely! I run a successful Ebay account where I specialize in buying and selling autographs, vinyls, and other memorabilia. It started as a hobby but quickly turned into a business venture. It’s been a great way to combine my interests in music, sports, and collectibles with a sense of entrepreneurship.

With such a busy schedule, how do you manage your time between studies, hobbies, and your entrepreneurial endeavors?

Ethan Krampitz: Time management is definitely key for me. I try to keep a very structured schedule. My academics always come first, so I allocate specific times for studying and attending classes. For my hobbies and eBay business, I usually set aside time during evenings or weekends. It’s all about balance and making sure I don’t overcommit in one area. Also, taking breaks to do things I love, like playing basketball or listening to music, really helps me stay focused and refreshed.

Looking towards the future, what are your aspirations after you graduate from San Diego State University?

Ethan Krampitz: Post-graduation, I’m really looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in finance and real estate to the real world. I’m considering a career in financial consulting or real estate development. However, I’m also open to the idea of expanding my online business or even starting a new venture. Whatever path I choose, I want to ensure that it aligns with my interests and allows me to continue growing both personally and professionally. And of course, I’ll keep pursuing my hobbies and staying involved in sports and music in whatever way I can.

Key Takeaways 

  • Diverse Interests and Skills: Ethan Krampitz is a dynamic individual with a broad range of interests and talents. While he is deeply committed to his finance and real estate studies at San Diego State University, he also engages in various hobbies like swimming, basketball, music (especially collecting vinyls), and adventure sports. His love for Godzilla and his talent in playing the guitar further highlight his diverse interests.
  • Strong Academic and Leadership Foundation: Coming from a family with medical backgrounds, Ethan has a strong academic foundation. His role as Vice President of the Chess Club in high school and his membership in Alpha Epsilon Pi at university demonstrate his leadership skills and strategic thinking.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ethan exhibits a keen entrepreneurial mindset through his successful eBay venture, where he specializes in buying and selling autographs and memorabilia. This aspect of his personality showcases his ability to blend his hobbies with business acumen, exemplifying a practical application of his finance studies.
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