Eight Ways to Upgrade Your Office Bathrooms

In recent years, office renovations have been on the rise. This has helped better market the office and make both customers and other people working in the office feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, most people concentrate on the reception and working area and forget about this critical part; the office bathrooms. Similar to hotels and restaurants, your office bathrooms tell a lot about the business to visitors.

It is, therefore, safe to say that you will make your customers more comfortable and even lure more to the industry by making several upgrades in your office bathrooms.

Below are some of these ideal office bathroom upgrades that will make the office popular among the customers and ones that the employees cannot stop talking about.

1.   Change the Light Bulb

Good lighting greatly transforms a space, and the bathroom space is no exemption. If you have dim and fluorescent lighting in the office bathrooms, replace them with soft and low lighting solutions.

To make the place look even better, use different layers of light and colors that render correctly.

You can have the bulbs installed on the wall sconces, in the ceiling, and above mirrors. These bulbs will make the bathrooms more comfortable and welcoming for the users.

Changing the light bulbs also contributes to reducing the energy bills since you will get energy-efficient bulbs.

2.   Add Sensor-Activated Features

The bathrooms are prone to effortlessly passing on germs among the users. This is especially because of the commonly touched bathroom surfaces like lighting switches, toilets, taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers.

You can reduce germs transfer in the office bathrooms by making each of these surfaces sensor-driven. This will not only make the bathroom modern but also save you a lot. For instance, when the lighting is sensor-driven, the lights will be on only when the bathroom is in use, thus saving you energy bills.

The same will happen to your water bills when you have sensor-driven taps.

3.   Upgrade the Quality of Toilet Paper You Use

The office bathrooms are among the areas where you find low-quality toilet paper. Sure, the office management or financial state may force one to have low-quality toilet paper. However, when upgrading the bathrooms, this is the best time to get better quality toilet paper.

Double-ply soft roll toilet papers are an ideal quality to use in these bathrooms. High-quality toilet paper makes the toilet users more comfortable and promotes a good name for the company.

4.   Make the Bathrooms More Accessible

Ease of accessibility highly determines how effective a bathroom is. You can upgrade your office bathrooms and make them more accessible, especially to people with disabilities.

For instance, you may need to add a specialized stall or any other element, such as a floor space that will help individuals with disabilities access the bathrooms.

On the other hand, ensure that the bathrooms are usable for such persons with disabilities. Have at least one toilet that people with special needs can use.

5.   Add Shower Facilities

Do you have office showers in your facilities? If not, this may be one of the best upgrades to make. This may seem surprising since you expect your employees to arrive at work already showered. However, some instances may make the bathroom essential in the office.

For instance, the employee may have walked or cycled to work, and by the time they get to the office, they are too sweaty to spend the whole day without a shower. Moreover, anyone in the office may have an emergency that needs them to take a shower as soon as possible.

You will be grateful that you have office showers in case of such an emergency.

6.   Update Toilet Partitions

You can make upgrades to the bathrooms to make them more comfortable. For instance, if there are shared toilets, use quality toilet partitions, preferably those that go all the way from the ceiling to the ground. Additionally, let there be enough space between the door and walls to boost privacy when using the bathroom.

After that, paint soft and calming colors on the walls that will make the place feel relaxing and comfortable. You can also add coat hooks on the doors or shelves where the bathroom users can place the items they could hold when visiting the bathroom.

Such upgrades will make the bathrooms more comfortable for both the customers and employees.

7.   Work On the Odor

Regardless of how fancy and good-looking your office is, it may become unbearable for customers and employees if there is any bad odor from the bathrooms.

The same case will apply even if the bad smell does not spread to other office areas but is concentrated in the bathroom. Therefore, make the bathroom odorless through ways such as using an air freshener in these toilets.

Additionally, ensure that there is proper ventilation to allow fresh air to circulate. Ensure good cleaning of all bathroom areas and that the cleaning supplies are properly cleaned and stored. You can also educate the toilet users on ways to avoid having a bad smell in the bathrooms.

8.   Add the Facilities

More often than not, most company owners forget to develop their office facilities as the company grows. For this reason, you may find some facilities such as bathrooms that are inadequate for the people in the office.

Consequently, there is always a line in the bathroom. If this is the case in your office bathrooms, upgrade to ensure that the facilities are enough for everyone.

If this is a big company, you can decide to have bathrooms for each department or each floor. You can also increase other facilities such as sinks or mirrors. In the women’s bathroom, ensure that there are enough bins for sanitary towels.


Bathroom renovations and upgrades are some of the most essential yet the most neglected upgrades in the office. Making these upgrades makes the office a better place for all people working there and improves the office’s attractiveness to customers and outsiders.

Make the upgrades above in your office bathrooms, and you will love the benefits that you enjoy.

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