Beauty Lounge Med Spa: A Haven for Youthful and Vibrant Looking Skin

With the right mix of well-prepared and carefully researched products, professional service providers, technology, and approaches, ageless beauty can be achieved. For the past eleven years, Beauty Lounge Med Spa has been at the forefront of providing treatments and services with the use of cutting-edge technology and medical resources that are designed to reverse the aging process. Whether clients are looking for effective ways to lose weight, look better, combat low vitality, or improve their overall wellness, co-founders Dr. Kurt and Veronica Tamaru are on board to give them the best options.

Dr. Kurt Tamaru is an avid supporter of the ideology of anti-aging and integrative medical treatments. As Chief Medical Director of Beauty Lounge Med Spa, his goal is to effectively combine Science with the most promising emerging products and technology available in the industry today to allow clients to have a worthwhile experience that will generate concrete results. 

Veronica Tamaru is a registered nurse and acts as the Aesthetics Director in the spa. She has been a long-time beauty advocate and is highly recognized as one of the top skincare experts and injectors of Ventura County in the area of beauty and aesthetics. She’s worked as a nurse for over 21 years in areas as critical care, medical surgery, oncology and plastic surgery giving her a vast perspective of the medical field. Throughout her career as a nurse, she has seen first-hand the many damaging outcomes of some plastic surgery methods. It was then that she realized she wanted to give people the opportunity to look good through less invasive and non-surgical approaches. 

Available treatments at Beauty Lounge Med Spa can range from BL Diamond Glow to Botox, fillers, Sugar Threads (PDO), 3D Laser Rejuvenation, skin tightening, and fat reduction services. Its fitness division also offers a wide array of services, from gym memberships to vitamin injection therapy, vaginal rejuvenation, and men’s health treatments that address common issues they face. 

By combining the power and effectiveness of Science with their passion for beauty, Dr. Kurt and Veronica Tamaru are successfully able to immortalize the youthful look of their clients as part of their vision to offer ageless beauty and wellness to everyone. Beauty Lounge Med Spa is a center for evolving knowledge, experience, and technology, designed to heighten anyone’s most youthful and healthy appearance in just one stop. 

The hardworking co-founders were inspired to establish Beauty Lounge Med Spa in 2010 in Camarillo as a result of their desire to make the exclusive world of celebrity beauty available to everyone at affordable rates. Youthful beauty, after all, is not exclusive to those who are popular and extremely rich. Their treatments and regimens are simple, easy, and highly effective, making even ordinary individuals aspire to pursue beauty wellness as part of their overall wellness goals. 

Dr. Kurt and Veronica Tamaru remain confident about the future of Beauty Lounge Med Spa in the coming years as they work harder to ensure that their clients get the quality of services they deserve. They are looking at future expansions in several key cities across the country to make excellent beauty, skin, and wellness services readily available to various communities. The extraordinary duo continues to be committed in their mission to provide their clients with exceptional treatments that will prevent future damage on the skin and maintain a youthful and glowing countenance. 

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