Art By Maudsch Provides Custom Hand-Made Paintings For The Modern Home

The Dutch company is an Amsterdam-based art collective that provides customers with unique artwork for home decoration, sourced from young, emerging, and aspiring artists all over the world.

June 28th, 2022: Art By Maudsch is delighted to announce that homeowners looking for unique handmade paintings that will improve the decor of their interior spaces, can visit its platform to find exceptional artworks custom-made for them. The amazing Dutch company is made up of a collective of international artists, who are always available to create original custom-made versions of their unique pieces for each customer.

Away from complimenting furniture and adding color to the environment, the right art piece can immediately capture the attention of guests and stir talking points that ultimately bring people closer. Whether for commercial or residential settings, a beautifully curated painting is a worthwhile addition that brings an interesting aura to any space.

Despite the recent advancements in photography and graphic design, mass-produced prints simply do not measure up to the meaningful, thought-provoking nature of handcrafted art pieces. The alternative for property owners or art lovers who desire to get their hands on exceptional pieces, is to either endure long trips to expensive art galleries or pay thousands to commission artists to create hand-painted artworks.

However, ever since the coronavirus became a global pandemic, causing worldwide lockdowns and halting entire sectors and industries, artists and other creatives have begun exploring alternative ways to get their art in front of the right audience. As opposed to navigating crowded theaters and trying to get into exclusive exhibitions, Art By Maudsch presents customers with a seamless platform where they can find exemplary handmade paintings for sale.

Describing itself as a movement focused on spreading the benefits of art all around the world, the Amsterdam-based art collective believes that art holds the key to improving and nurturing human connection. According to Art By Maudsch, canvas paintings are emotional conduits for “transferring the feelings of passion from the artist to the painting’s next owner.”

Property owners seeking the perfect piece to accentuate a room, can simply visit the brand’s website and choose a painting from the over 1000 unique artworks that make up its extensive collection. In addition to letting customers filter search results by color, size, and style, the intuitive platform optimally sorts the paintings for sale according to different themes and categories, for easy navigation and a seamless user experience.

Once a painting has been selected from the online art gallery and an order placed by the customer, Art By Maudsch will reach out to the original creator of the artwork to begin creating another copy specifically for that customer. Furthermore, customers can also take advantage of the brand’s strong relationship with the creators to request personal adjustments, and also receive a photo update for confirmation before shipping.

All paintings available for purchase on the platform will be created using the highest-grade oil and acrylic paints. And in addition to the 24/7 customer support, customers can also enjoy free international shipping on all orders, no matter where they are on the planet.

While there are currently over a thousand differing artworks on the online platform, ranging from realistic to abstract, minimalistic, and extravagant pieces, Art By Maudsch continues to introduce new paintings to its collection through collaborations with more and more artists.

The company insists that it is driven to provide young, emerging, and aspiring artists all over the world with a seamless platform through which to profit off the brilliance of their creations.

Anyone interested in learning more about the online store for custom handmade paintings can reach out to Art By Maudsch via the contact info below.

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