Yalanda Barber-Sweeney Champions Arts and Culture Among Families with Children Through Her Non-Profit, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons

There’s nothing more important than family. Unfortunately, divorce and child abuse rates have skyrocketed in recent times. This worrying trend has inspired Yalanda Barber-Sweeney to establish her own non-profit organization called Inspire Your Daughters and Sons.

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc., more commonly abbreviated as IYDAS, is a family and children advocacy non-profit organization centered around the “Four F Framework” of Faith, Family, Fun, and Finance. This very framework was created to support families with children in order to mend broken relationships, foster stronger bonds, and produce generational wealth while embracing the fun side of learning and self-expression.

“Our masterclasses, trainings, courses, and Facebook community are centered around this framework,” explained founder Yalanda Barber-Sweeney. Yalanda is the first-ever African American woman to create a female and male toy curated as African American foster care heroes, Princess Yaya and King James. In line with her goals and advocacies towards helping children, she immediately established IYDAS to curb the growing trends of divorce and child abuse. 

Nowadays, Yalanda uses her positive voice and her immense influence to inspire and give hope to families all across the United States. One of the latest programs of IYDAS is called the Kreative Master Minds. The program enables children in grades K -12 to discover their own voice and build their confidence through arts and culture, specifically through creative writing. 

Kreative Master Minds focuses on enrichment activities that promote mindfulness, self-esteem, identity, writing, and culture in the class. IYDAS also fosters an environment that exposes inner-city youth to strive to become writers and possibly future prolific authors. Furthermore, participants of the program will also be given the opportunity to learn the process of writing a children’s book, build confidence through finding their voice in creative writing, become pen pals with another youth in Africa, and have a completed published book.

With Yalanda Barber-Sweeny at the helm, IYDAS has been successfully building and strengthening family connections through arts and culture. The IYDAS advocacy remains genuine, strong, and pure as it lives within the hearts of its participants. The non-profit has cemented itself as one of the leading family and children advocacy centers in the industry. The organization’s programs not only teach the youth about creative writing but also teaches them how to monetize their passions and become a ‘kidpreneur.’

IYDAS also supports and assists other non-profits that have similar goals, teaching them how to publish books to build visibility and generate revenue in the ever-growing market. In the near future, Yalanda envisions IYDAS to build a school in Africa for families with children. She hopes to build housing for the people of Atlanta as well as an arts and culture studio with warehouse functionality. Yalanda is extremely passionate about her cause. She hopes to champion the visual arts in order to help children find their place in this world.

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