The Multifaceted Life of Weston Stidham, Engineer, Family Man, and Community Volunteer

Weston Stidham

By: Erase PRM

Weston Stidham, born on October 1, 1986, in Birmingham, Alabama, epitomizes the balance between professional ambition and personal fulfillment. As a civil engineer with degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he is on a steadfast path to obtaining his Professional Engineer license, demonstrating his dedication to excellence in his field. Weston’s life is enriched by his roles as a devoted husband and father, his commitment to physical fitness, creative DIY projects, and his love for video games. His passion for community service shines through his volunteer work with Little Hands Serving Hearts, where he contributes his skills and time to make a positive impact.

Q&A with Weston Stidham

Can you tell us about your early life and how it influenced your career path?

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama as the youngest of four kids, I was always surrounded by a supportive family. My siblings and I were taught the importance of camaraderie, responsibility, and hard work early on. These values not only strengthened our bond but also laid the groundwork for my career in civil engineering. The problem-solving and teamwork required in engineering felt like a natural extension of my upbringing.

Why did you choose to pursue civil engineering, and what has your educational journey been like?

I’ve always been fascinated by how things are built and the impact they have on our daily lives. This curiosity led me to pursue civil engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The rigorous program there, where I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, solidified my passion and prepared me for the challenges and opportunities in the field. I’m now working towards my Professional Engineer license, which is a significant milestone for any engineer.

What does being a family man mean to you, and how do you balance your personal and professional life?

Being a husband and father is incredibly rewarding. My family is my foundation and my biggest support system. Balancing work and family life is definitely a challenge, but it’s all about prioritizing and making the most of the time we have together. Whether it’s through shared activities or simply enjoying each other’s company, these moments are invaluable.

You have a wide range of hobbies and interests. How do you find time for these, and why are they important to you?

I believe in living a balanced life, and my hobbies play a big part in that. Staying active at the gym helps me maintain my physical and mental health, while my DIY projects allow me to express my creativity and improve our living space. Even gaming offers a way to unwind and engage with stories and communities. These activities not only provide a necessary respite from work but also enrich my life in many ways.

Volunteering is a significant aspect of your life. Can you share more about your involvement with Little Hands Serving Hearts and why you chose this organization?

Volunteering at Little Hands Serving Hearts is my way of giving back to the community. The organization’s mission to involve children in service projects resonates with me, especially as a parent. It’s about setting an example for my kids and others, showing them the importance of compassion and community involvement. Through this work, I hope to make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same.

Looking back on your journey so far, what are you most proud of, and what future aspirations do you have?

I’m most proud of the balance I’ve achieved between my career, personal life, and community involvement. Each aspect is fulfilling in its own way and contributes to who I am. As for the future, I’m focused on obtaining my PE license, continuing to grow in my engineering career, and, most importantly, being there for my family. I also hope to expand my volunteer work and inspire more people to give back to their communities.

Key Takeaways

  • Balanced Life Philosophy: Weston Stidham exemplifies how one can successfully balance a demanding career in civil engineering with a rich personal life, emphasizing the importance of family, health, and hobbies.
  • Commitment to Professional Growth: His dedication to continuous learning and professional development is evident in his pursuit of a Professional Engineer license, showcasing his commitment to excellence in his field.
  • Community Involvement: Weston’s active volunteer work with Little Hands Serving Hearts highlights his belief in giving back to the community, demonstrating the impact of altruism and the importance of setting a positive example for future generations.
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