Most Popular Flowers for a Work Anniversary Celebration

Employees who stick around for the long haul are worthy of recognition and celebration. In many cases, it’s that appreciation and acknowledgment that contributes to their loyalty in the first place. 

The simple gesture of presenting an employee with a bouquet of flowers to mark their work anniversary is a great way to say, “Thank you for your hard work.” Here are some of the most popular flowers to make a work anniversary celebration.


Peonies are beautiful, delicate blooms that are commonly gifted as anniversary flowers. These stunning flowers are symbolic of different things, depending on where you are in the world. In many cultures, the peony represents luck, good fortune, and prosperity. Due to their large blooms, they’re also symbolic of royalty, honor, and wealth in Chinese and Japanese celebrations.

The rich history of these blooms and what they represent make them an ideal addition to a work anniversary bouquet. Stick with the classic white peonies or look for a multi-colored, vibrant blend. The mild citrusy, spicy scent is a nice addition to any workspace.


Irises aren’t commonly featured in floral arrangements, which makes them that much more appealing for a work anniversary bouquet. Irises symbolize wisdom, trust, courage, and admiration. These make the perfect gift for an employee or co-worker who’s celebrating a work anniversary.

The traditional violet shade associated with iris blooms pairs beautifully with some of the other flowers on this list. Irises look stunning when paired with contrasting tulips. This versatile bloom looks equally as beautiful in a simple, rustic mason jar or a tall, elegant crystal vase.

Yellow or Orange Roses

People often associate roses with romance, but these classic flowers have several meanings. Yellow roses are a sign of gratitude and friendship, perfect for thanking someone who showcases their loyalty every day at work. Additionally, orange roses represent gratitude and passion. Add the two colors together, and you’ve got a bouquet of sunshine that can brighten even the darkest of days. Roses are the perfect gift for avid gardeners as well, as many varieties can be transplanted outside.


If you’re ever at a loss for which flowers to buy someone, go with carnations. This staple in flower arrangements has endless meanings and rich symbolism that make them perfect for any occasion. Again, yellow and orange are the best choices when showcasing gratitude and friendship.

Carnations are also one of the easiest flowers to dye different colors. For something a bit more bold and colorful, choose a “painted” bouquet of vibrant neons, blues, and pinks. This option is perfect for those employees who add a splash of life and vitality to the office.

Pink or Yellow Tulips

Pink and yellow tulips symbolize happiness and enthusiasm. These flowers, more than any other, make a great springtime bouquet for anniversaries that fall in the earlier months of the year. A blend of yellow and pink tulips is sure to brighten any space. Add in a few irises, and you’ve got a work anniversary gift that’s sure to stun.


Gladiolus are a great accessory flower within a bouquet. These tall stalks add dimension to any arrangement and come in a variety of bold colors. These fun blooms represent honor and faithfulness, making them perfect for celebrating employee devotion. They’re also a little different from the traditional bouquet flowers if you’re in the market for something surprising and fun.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are another accessory flower that often fades into the background in larger arrangements. They symbolize simple gratitude, short and sweet. While these blooms are often featured in larger bouquets, they also look beautiful when presented alone. The small delicate petals are sweet and fragrant, invoking feelings of the summer breeze and relaxation.


As an alternative to a cut bouquet of fresh flowers, giving a potted flower is a lovely way to show your continued gratitude to employees. Orchids are a relatively low maintenance potted flower that requires minimal watering and prefer to be left alone in a sunny window. If the employee in question has an office at home, an orchid is the perfect floral gift for that space. 

Orchids have several symbolic meanings, two of which are refinement and maturity. These lovely flowers are a great anniversary flower for someone celebrating a milestone work anniversary.

When it comes to celebrating a work anniversary, it’s the thought that counts. The simple gift of a beautiful bouquet is a great way to show employees that they’re valued.