Drake Tigges CEO of Youngville Agency Signs Beccah Long

Describing herself as a triple threat in the entertainment industry, Beccah Long, born Rebeccah Seren Long, has recently signed a recording deal with Youngville Agency. The talented 21-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and model was greenlit by Drake Tigges, a seasoned talent manager and the founder of Youngville Agency, a record label in Nashville. She is a German-born Turkish singer who has a well-rounded vocal range with a new story she wants to share with the world.

Her background of having a military father and traveling a lot as a young girl gave her quite a balanced outlook about life. Over the years, she has discovered herself, understood her strongest suit and is channeling all that energy into a music career to add more color to the world. Her recording deal with Youngville Agency gives her 100% of her royalties and performance revenue, which Beccah has acknowledged she is grateful for. In her words, “Youngville is a youth-oriented record label, and I hope to step into the position to connect with other young people, including old people who are open-minded and free-spirited.”

Beccah Long hopes to tell stories with her songs and pass across inspirational messages through her lyrics. “I hope people who are not afraid to listen to a new story listen to my music. I want to connect with people who are seeking help and need the extra push for motivation,” Beccah said. Music for Beccah Long began as a hobby, and over time, as she grew older with increased responsibilities such as her daughter, she focused on making a living with the music she creates. “My biggest selling points are my imagination and imagery. They are crazy and help me create amazing things. I am not just a music artist, but I also model and act. I am always eager to overachieve even if it means taking reasonable risk,” she described herself.

One of her biggest motivations to become a full-time musician is her deep connection with various people through her platform, Mind Over Body. She created the platform to help people cope with anxiety and depression through a safe space named “Diversion.” Beccah actively helps people find themselves or guides them to points where they can easily figure out every other thing on their own.

For the next few years, her goals are to see herself happy and doing the things she loves and is passionate about. She is focused on being the best mother and a positive example to her daughter while influencing society positively through her music. As a family-oriented person, she also hopes to play a huge part in setting up her family members and their future for life. “To sum it all up, I see myself living my best life in the next five years,” she affirmed.

With a music career so young and holding up a lot of promise, Beccah Long is putting herself out in the spotlight and introduces herself to all music lovers as a person and an artist.

Learn more about Beccah Long or connect with her on her official Instagram page.

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