Dedi’s Travel Fulfilling the Dreams of Every Adventurer through Elite Travel Agency

Dedi’s Travel is the manifestation of Dianna Longwill’s lifelong dreams. All her life, traveling is one thing she held dear, and she didn’t get a chance to live the experience until many years after. As a young girl, her family did not move around much except for when they traveled from Northern California to Idaho/Washington and back. Dianna kept her dreams to herself and bid her time for when she would explore the world the way she wanted. Her first shot came when she joined the army. She traveled to the East Coast, and at that point in her life, she decided to travel the world.

It took years before she could travel to other parts of the world, but the wait was worth it. Now, at 61, she runs Dedi’s Travel, a traveling agency that brings other people’s travel dreams to life. It took decades for Dianna to achieve her dreams, but she never lost sight of her focus, and she made her dreams happen regardless of all the inadequacies. On building Dedi’s Travel into the company of her dreams, Dianna says she wants to give back to the community and be a stepping stone for women struggling to achieve their dreams.

For some time in her life, Dianna did not have things going well for her, and it took getting help from others to get back on her feet. “I want to pay forward the help and direction I received when I was down on luck,” she says. Dedi’s Travel aims to target families and individuals with an adventurous spirit in them. The agency offers services ranging from amusement park visitation, castle tours, and historical site tours to specialty destination weddings and honeymoons. Dedi’s Travel is a 24/7 travel agency that is ready to take on emergency travel booking requests. Dianna Longwill understands how spontaneous adventurers can get and has made sure her agency’s services are available round the clock to cater to those requests.

Building Dedi’s Travel was a no-brainer for Dianna Longwill. It was always her plan to make it happen, and when it did, it was a dream come true for her. With her love for travel still waxing stronger, Dianna wants to see her company tower above all other companies offering the same services. “I want to stand out, not in an egotistical way but to be different from the other agents and show that being 61 can still lead to bigger and better things.”

Growth has always been the goal at Dedi’s Travel. In five years, Dianna hopes that the agency would have grown to admirable heights and become a source of inspiration to young people, including her children and grandchildren and business owners. “The Dedi’s Travel story is such an iconic one, and I want anyone who comes across it to have another reason not to give up on their dreams. For everyone who feels life has nothing good to offer, I am living proof that the only way to make something of oneself is to never give up,” Dianna says.

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