Brandilyn Chilsen on Beating the Odds and Challenging Stigmas as a Female Powerhouse in Male-Dominated Industries

No matter how hard others would argue otherwise, women have suffered from gender norms since time immemorial. From being objectified to considered inferior beings, every woman worldwide had to contend with the harsh reality that comes hand in hand with their gender. Not only do they have to work twice as hard as men do in any field, but they also get less recognition and respect. However, more significant strides have been made in recent decades to promote gender equality. Although there is a lot more to be done in terms of achieving parity, more and more women now have the opportunity to demonstrate that they can dominate any space. Brandilyn Chilsen, also known as Brandilyn the Nerd Diva, is one such powerhouse that has left a mark in her industry.

Serving as a source of inspiration to other aspirants, Brandilyn Chilsen is an acclaimed IT specialist and lifestyle influencer recognized as one of the top 100 technology influencers and innovators in the world. Driven by the vision of achieving a successful future, she went all out, beating numerous odds and persevering amidst challenges in order to secure a coveted spot in multiple industries.

“I got to where I am today with hard work and perseverance,” this go-getter shares. Not only did she have to play the hand she’s dealt with in a lot of instances and settle with the fact that the road is almost always going to be more challenging for those who were not born to privilege, but she also had to face the judgment of naysayers. Repeatedly told that she was ugly, stupid, and worthless, Brandilyn Chilsen clung tightly to what she knew was the truth – that she was neither of those things and had so much potential.

Armed with the determination to establish a name, Brandilyn Chilsen eventually managed to materialize her dreams, making waves as a fashion model and one of the top technology experts globally. The process was nowhere near easy as she had to continuously challenge the stigma that women are not as good with technology as men. Unlike her male colleagues, she had to prove her worth and show that she has what it takes to ace the game. Through her success, she sends across the message that industries are for the taking of anyone who is willing to pour in the effort, time, and resources needed to excel regardless of their gender.

Brandilyn Chilsen is proud to say that she has left a legacy and set an example for other dreamers to follow by reaching the forefront of the real estate industry as a female coder. Today, she is maneuvering countless budding moguls toward the life they desire by empowering them. Wholeheartedly helping those under her wing to attract more wealth into their life with technology, fashion, beauty, and travel, the future household name brings to the table a fresh perspective and an admirable approach toward success.

Learn more about Brandilyn Chilsen by visiting her website and Instagram page.

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