2nd Chance TV Show & Production Creating a Meeting Point for Helpers and Those in Need

Getting much-needed help in the world today can be quite challenging. Many people need help but have no idea where to seek that help from. Power couple Paul and Tiffany Nutall joined forces to create a platform that spotlights underprivileged individuals who need any form of help. 2nd Chance TV Show & Production Inc.’s mission is to tell the stories of people who need representation and help with clearing obstacles in the way of their health, success and wholesomeness. Paul and Tiffany both have a common passion for giving back to society, and TV shows help them get that done effectively and on a large scale.

2nd Chance TV Show & Production as an entity has multiple media offerings, which include 2nd Chance Saves Lives, Forgotten Prisoners, and 2nd Chance Radio Show. The 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show casts the spotlight on minority and culturally diverse individuals who need help with shelter, legal aid, organ transplants, drug and rehab help, stem cell therapy treatments, disaster recovery, child and foster care services, employment, financial help and a host of other needs. 2nd Chance TV Show & Production operates on the belief that everyone, at one point in their lives or the other, faces challenges and may need assistance with getting over them. Thus, the production company serves as the link between those who need help and those who want to offer help.

In the founders’ words, “Our work is a small example of what the world can be when action is turned into positive actions and results within a global community.”

The company sets itself apart by not being just another media production company. It is dedicated to lending a helping hand to people in need and giving their voices the spotlight to tell those important stories. Paul and Tiffany Nutall believe they do not need to wait for government or charitable organizations to meet people’s needs. The couple seeks out people who have lost hope of ever getting help and delivers the help they desperately need.

The motivation to establish 2nd Chance TV Show and Production Inc. came from Paul’s difficult life growing up. In 2014, the idea to help fallen Hollywood celebrities came to him, which he implemented. After meeting Tiffany two years later, she convinced him to shift the company’s focus on people worldwide rather than just celebrities. The 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show has enjoyed massive success since it premiered, and the couple anticipates more years of success and spin-off shows. They have other shows named 2nd Chance Saves Forgotten Prisoners and 2nd Chance Radio TV Show in the works alongside plans to franchise the show to every country so that the world can benefit from the programs.

Paul and Tiffany Nutall are dedicated to using their platform to inspire, influence, and motivate the younger generation to chase their dreams while encouraging them to seek help when they need it.

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