Steven McFadden: His Journey Of Ambition And Heart

Steven McFadden: His Journey Of Ambition And Heart

By: Steven McFadden


Steven McFadden, a native of Iowa City and a product of Tripoli’s close-knit community, embodies the essence of small-town values and a robust entrepreneurial spirit. At just 19, he made a bold move to Des Moines, launching a successful business venture that set the stage for a distinguished career in business and property development. Known for his direct, old-fashioned approach, McFadden is a staunch advocate of small-town ethics, seamlessly blending them into his professional and political endeavors. A devoted family man, he balances his time between his three daughters, various hobbies, and philanthropic activities. McFadden’s generosity extends to significant community contributions, including supporting local causes and fostering art and culture. His evolving interests now include sailing and aviation, reflecting his unwavering zest for life and continuous growth.

Q&A With Steven McFadden

Growing up in Tripoli, how did your upbringing shape your work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit?

Growing up in Tripoli, I learned the value of hard work and community from a very young age. My family and the small-town atmosphere instilled in me a strong work ethic and the belief that with determination and dedication, I could achieve anything. This foundation has been critical in my journey as an entrepreneur.

Can you tell us about your first business venture in Des Moines at the age of 19?

At 19, I took a significant step by moving to Des Moines to start my own business. It was a bold move, but I was driven by a desire to create something of my own. The success of that enterprise was a combination of the values I grew up with and the lessons I learned along the way.

How has the loss of your sister and the values your parents instilled in you influenced your personal and professional life?

Losing my sister was a profound experience that reminded me of the importance of family and the fragility of life. It has made me more compassionate and empathetic in both my personal and professional relationships. My parents’ example of commitment has always been a guiding light, reinforcing the importance of dedication in all aspects of life.

As a Business & Property Developer, what is unique about your approach to business consulting, design, and development?

My approach is somewhat old-fashioned; I believe in the power of a handshake and direct communication. I combine these values with modern business practices to create a unique and effective approach to business consulting, design, and development.

Can you share more about your hobbies and how they influence your life?

My hobbies, like golfing, collecting cars, boating, and engaging in modern art, provide a balance to my professional life. They are not just pastimes but also avenues for creativity, relaxation, and personal growth. They help me stay connected with my passions and keep me grounded.

Your philanthropic efforts, especially the donation of a clear water aquarium, are quite remarkable. What drives you to contribute to your community in this way?

Philanthropy for me is about giving back to the community that has given me so much. The clear water aquarium and sponsoring Winter the fish was an opportunity to contribute something meaningful and lasting. I believe in the principles of compassion and community engagement, and these drive my philanthropic efforts.

Finally, what excites you about your new ventures into sailing and aviation?

Exploring sailing and aviation represents new challenges and adventures. These activities are not just hobbies but opportunities for learning and personal growth. They signify my zest for life and my belief in continually evolving and embracing new experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Emphasis on Small-Town Values and Work Ethic: Steven McFadden attributes much of his success in business and property development to the small-town values and strong work ethic he developed growing up in Tripoli. His approach to business, characterized by direct communication and integrity, reflects these deep-rooted principles.
  • Impact of Personal Experiences on Professional Life: The loss of his sister and the enduring example of his parents’ commitment significantly influenced McFadden’s approach to both his personal and professional life. These experiences have fostered a deeper sense of compassion and empathy, which are evident in his business dealings and philanthropic efforts.
  • Commitment to Philanthropy and Community Engagement: Beyond his business achievements, McFadden is deeply invested in giving back to the community. His philanthropic activities, such as the donation of a clear water aquarium and support for the homeless, demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact in his community. This dedication is a testament to his belief in the importance of compassion and community involvement.


Published By: Aize Perez

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