Sourabh Chandrakar Unveils the Secrets of Real Estate Innovation in an Exclusive Inspired Interview

Sourabh Chandrakar Unveils the Secrets of Real Estate Innovation in an Exclusive Inspired Interview

By: Seomavens

Sourabh Chandrakar is a dynamic entrepreneur known for his contributions to the real estate sector, particularly in Dubai, where he has been instrumental in pioneering innovative construction projects, including 3D technology-driven villa construction. He began his entrepreneurial journey with a Juice Center in Bhilai, which he expanded through franchises. His sports interests include basketball, football, and horse riding, and he has a keen interest in Indian politics. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of Empire One Real Estate LLC.

What inspired you to transition from running a juice center in Bhilai to entering the competitive real estate market in Dubai?

My journey from a juice center owner to a real estate entrepreneur was driven by a quest for broader challenges and greater impacts. The transition was sparked by recognizing the vast opportunities in the Dubai real estate market, known for its dynamic nature and potential for high returns. My background in entrepreneurship helped me embrace the complexities of real estate, where I could apply my business acumen on a larger scale and create more significant value.

How do you think your sports background has influenced your approach to business?

Sports have been instrumental in shaping my approach to business, particularly the values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience. These are essential in sports but equally vital in the business world. For example, basketball taught me about strategic planning and real-time decision-making, skills I find invaluable in managing real estate projects. Moreover, horse riding has instilled a sense of adventure and precision, encouraging me to take calculated risks and strive for excellence in my ventures.

Given the rapid technological advancements, how do you stay ahead in the competitive real estate market?

Staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving real estate market requires a proactive approach to technology. I invest heavily in staying updated with the latest technological advancements, such as 3D printing and smart home technologies, which are revolutionizing construction and property management. By incorporating these innovations into our projects at Empire One Real Estate LLC, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, setting us apart from competitors.

What challenges have you faced in integrating sustainable practices into your real estate projects, and how have you overcome them?

Integrating sustainable practices into real estate development presents several challenges, primarily cost-related concerns and regulatory compliance. Overcoming these challenges involves a combination of strategic planning, advocacy for greener regulations, and educating stakeholders about the long-term benefits of sustainability. We emphasize building with materials and methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible, which initially may be more costly but provide substantial returns through energy efficiency and enhanced property values over time.

As a leader, how do you cultivate a positive corporate culture within your company?

Cultivating a positive corporate culture is critical for fostering a productive and motivated workforce. I believe in leading by example—demonstrating integrity, transparency, and respect in every interaction. Additionally, I encourage open communication, provide continuous learning opportunities, and ensure that every team member feels valued and understood. We also promote a healthy work-life balance and organize team-building activities, which help strengthen interpersonal relationships and enhance team cohesion.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for Empire One Real Estate LLC?

My long-term goals for Empire One Real Estate LLC include expanding our footprint globally, pioneering more eco-friendly and technologically advanced construction projects, and setting new benchmarks in luxury real estate. I also aim to leverage my interest in politics to advocate for better housing policies and sustainable urban development, contributing to the broader community and environment.

Through strategic growth, commitment to innovation, and a focus on sustainable development, I envision Empire One becoming a leader not just in real estate, but also in promoting a more sustainable and inclusive future.


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