Tucson Plastic Surgery Seeks to Inspire Hope Among Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors Worldwide

Breast cancer has always been a concern among women from all walks of life. It potentially debilitates women from experiencing a normal, comfortable, and stress-free life. On top of that, it discourages them from instilling hope, love, and positivity in the years after the discovery of this most painful disease.

In recognition of the devastating effects of breast cancer, Tucson Plastic Surgery has made it its mission not only to enrich the quality of life of patients worldwide but also to inspire hope and enhance their sense of well-being. By continuously expressing genuine care and concern towards these patients, the emerging entity continues to drive change and impact lives across the globe.

From the get-go, Tucson Plastic Surgery has managed to set itself apart from other industry players because of its commitment to improving the health, wellness, and quality of life of its patients. Over the years, this trailblazing entity has been able to fully recognize the needs of its clients while demonstrating utmost care and genuine empathy towards their concerns. Because of the surgeons’ genuineness and excellence, it has successfully emerged as one of the a sought-after names for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Grounded on its mission to deliver an unparalleled patient experience, Tucson Plastic Surgery has managed to form a stellar reputation across the trade. Patients around the world fly to Tucson, Arizona, in order to experience this widely acclaimed care. From the clinic’s surgeons and staff to its all-out, dedicated, and tailor-fitted approach, Tucson Plastic Surgery has become one of the most trusted names in plastic surgery and allows patients to restore, rebuild, and rejuvenate their authentic selves.

Although Tucson Plastic Surgery has managed to reach impressive heights over the years, it would not have solidified itself across the trade had it not been for the brilliance of its two founders, Dr Mahabir and Dr Kurtovic. The two have been widely recognized in their respective fields, allowing them to elevate the company’s name to greater heights.

Dr Mahabir is a board-certified surgeon under the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He has a particular interest in breast surgery, helping patients regain a sense of wholeness while guiding them throughout a journey of hope, self-love, and wellness. His passion for his craft has led him to higher places, being part of the brilliant team behind the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act. Currently, he continues to catalyze change by helping and supporting the bill on Breast Implant Illness which just recently became a law.

Much like Dr Mahabir, Dr Kurtovic is also an established authority with specialty training in breast reconstruction, microsurgery, as well as cosmetic surgery.  She has managed to quickly solidify her reputation as a caring, competent and capable surgeon thanks to her pursuit of perfection, excellent track record, and the many accolades she has gathered over the years. Drawing inspiration from her own mother’s breast cancer story, she hopes to be an instrument in every breast cancer patient’s journey to recovery.

Being intimately privy to the struggles that breast cancer patients go through, Dr Mahabir and Dr Kurtovic hope to spark hope through the establishment of their brainchild, Tucson Plastic Surgery. They wish to create a better world, driving change and impacting the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors across the world.

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