The University of Health Sciences Antigua Continues to Serve the Community with Highest Standards in Medical Education

Healthcare gained the majority of the world’s attention because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the many lapses and unpreparedness of various governments and organizations worldwide in addressing the healthcare crisis, medical professionals had to act quickly to contain the virus and save as many lives as possible. Healthcare is unquestionably essential, and the world is continually in need of competent professionals who are willing to go to the frontline. Hence, the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) has remained true to its mission of bringing forth passionate and well-equipped medical practitioners through innovative medical curriculums.

On its mission to effectively contribute to the medical community, the University of Health Sciences Antigua is taking on another momentous milestone as it establishes a new clinical research program with Revive Therapeutics, Toronto. The program aims to focus on psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Furthermore, the University of Health Sciences Antigua will also reestablish its Free Clinic program, a student-managed clinic that has served hundreds in its community for free. Since the program started, the university has served over 500 local patients, simultaneously giving its students a taste of service beyond the confines of the four walls of the school classrooms. 

The University of Health Sciences Antigua’s mission is to educate medical and nursing students with the highest professional standards. The educational institution aims to hone future clinicians to “practice patient-centered medicine through service and leadership, while also demonstrating sensitivity to the diverse cultural environment in which medical care is delivered.” The medical practice the university wants its students to abide by goes beyond merely having the knowledge and skills to treat patients but also encourages them to sympathize with patients who have given them trust and confidence.  

Located in Dow’s Hill, Piccadilly Antigua, the University of Health Sciences Antigua is recognized as one of the most outstanding academic institutions dedicated to educating exemplary physicians, nurses, postgraduates, and researchers in accordance with the highest professional standards. The institution’s curriculum integrates clinical, biomedical, and behavioral knowledge to promote the health and well-being of patients and communities. The University of Health Sciences Antigua has upheld unrivaled standards and commitment since its founding in 1982. It has played a significant and proactive role in shaping some of the most competent health professionals serving their communities today and envisions to continue doing so in the coming years.

“I believe our story is different because not only are we a small family organization, we have achieved amazing things over the years,” shared Dr. Adedayo Akande, the current president of the university. The University of Health Sciences Antigua has unlocked many notable milestones but has kept its success privately over the years. Today, they are ready to amplify and celebrate small wins to create an even bigger impact in the medical community. In addition, as the youngest president the educational institution ever had,is determined to push the university further and embrace modern practices and business strategies. Belonging to the minority of the population, the president also aspires to be the bridge where others like himself can pursue their passion for medical practices. 

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