Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Monica Patel on Promoting Health at the Heart of Houston

There is the usual adage that says, “not all heroes wear capes.” In Dr. Monica Patel‘s case, wearing a lab coat or scrubs is more likely. Focusing on preventing and advancing the science of detecting cardiovascular diseases, the brilliant doctor is unquestionably a modern-day hero.

Born on November 20, 1976, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Dr. Monica Patel realized early a desire to help. The medical community always inspired her. So after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry at Houston Baptist University as an Endowed Academic Scholar, she attended medical school.

Dr. Monica Patel studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. In 2003, she completed her Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology Fellowship at the McGovern Medical School, formerly known as The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical School. 

Armed with extensive knowledge and dedication to her craft, Monica breezed through her exams and became board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Echocardiography, and Nuclear Cardiology. 

She has since built a reputation as a cardiologist with an exemplary bedside manner – interacting with patients at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center and Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. Her determination to improve her interactions led to her pursuit of academic medicine at the McGovern Medical School in 2010. 

Her laudable drive made her a co-program director of the Cardiology Fellowship; and an associate professor where she heavily invests in the training of future cardiologists. She shares with her students the desire to prevent cardiovascular disease and a focus on advanced cardiovascular imaging, including echocardiography, vascular imaging, nuclear imaging, and cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans.

In June 2012, Dr. Monica Patel furthered her mission. She joined the PET center as a co-investigator of the CENTURY Health Study dedicated to combining pharmacologic and lifestyle treatment to prevent or reverse coronary heart disease. Under the center, Dr. Monic has volunteered in several medical mission trips to Guatemala and provided basic care for underserved communities.

Her exceptional work in her field has given her the distinction of the “Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award” three times. Dr. Monica Patel also graced the Texas MD’s “Heart of Houston” cover in November 2015. 

Dr. Monica later grew her impact on an international scale. In Taiwan in December 2019, she addressed the international audience with a groundbreaking lecture on cardiac PET scans entitled “Role of coronary flow reserve and PET imaging in revascularization decision-making.”

As a first-generation Indian-American and native Houstonian, Dr. Monica Patel also devotes her time to local and national philanthropic organizations and events. Aside from her commitment to health and well-being for all, she is also a staunch supporter of causes launched to help empower women.

With nearly ten years of working at the PET center, Dr. Monica has carried different titles – cardiologist, women empowerer, philanthropist, and hero. With her unending drive to better her learning, keep herself up-to-date with new information, and use her platform to promote wellness, Dr. Monica Patel is an inspiration. 

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