Dylan Sessler Takes Inspiration From His Experiences to Champion Mental Health

Over the years, the world has undoubtedly become highly advanced, and many industries have seen immense progress. Yet despite these developments, it seems that society still has not found a way to assist those who are going through mental health crises properly. Even talking about these crucial topics is still deemed taboo. Cognizant of this sad reality, Dylan Sessler has devoted himself to helping people overcome their struggles.

The mental health coach and professional speaker is no stranger to adversities and painful experiences. When he was only six years old, he lost his father to suicide. He was also abused and bullied as a child. On top of all that, the combat veteran was also exposed to traumatic incidents during his time in Afghanistan.

These unpleasant memories, alongside other problems, pushed him to nearly end his life when he was only 25 years old. However, despite being the lowest moment of his life, it helped push Dylan Sessler to learn more about mental health and question why he found himself in that dark place. Through his newfound wisdom, he triumphed over his suicide ideation and PTSD. As a result, he finally learned how to enjoy life even with all the challenges and struggles that come with it.

Inspired by his success, he decided to take on the impressive vocation of helping others going through similar journeys. As a champion for mental health, his biggest mission is to bridge the gap between lived experience and professional mental health support. 

As such, he has developed an extraordinary coaching strategy that fulfills this goal. The mental health coach does one-on-one sessions with clients where he guides them on overcoming their problems. He caters to different types of clients such as those who have been through a divorce, child abuse, or sexual abuse, as well as veterans, suicide survivors, or people who have PTSD.

Aside from conducting private coaching, Dylan Sessler also shares his insight and expertise through various ventures. For example, he penned Defy the Darkness: A Story of Suicide, Mental Health, and Overcoming Your Hardest Battles. The book, available on Amazon and Audible, talks about the critical yet often undiscussed topic of mental health. He also hosts the podcast The Dylan Experience.

In addition, he has a daily inspirational and self-development text platform that has been active for roughly 18 months. It has serviced approximately 1700 people and has saved multiple lives in the process. Interested individuals can reach it by texting ‘hi’ to 1-608-336-4480 but it is only available in the United States and Canada.

More recently, the mental health advocate has found another innovative way to widen his reach through the social media platform TikTok. He started uploading clips that tackle mental health and trauma in January 2020. Because of his inspiring messages, he has already amassed a massive following of over 560,000.

Dylan Sessler has undoubtedly made great strides in championing the importance of mental health. Moving forward, he plans to continue creating other innovative projects that further his cause. Additionally, he aims to publish more books and continue building his entrepreneurial spirit. 

But above all, he hopes to continue inspiring people that mental health issues and other traumatizing events do not have to dominate someone’s life and that there is hope for those struggling.

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