Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker Empowers Women with In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching

As a physician with 25 years in the healthcare field, Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker is accustomed to helping people heal, recover, and restore their health and wellness. However, despite her successful career in medicine, Whitaker felt drawn toward a different purpose.

In 2019, she launched In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching, helping professional women across the country unlock their full potential and realize their dreams. As a coach, author, speaker, and physician, Whitaker has a unique set of experiences that set her apart in the industry. Most of all, she has the ability to help women free themselves from self-limiting beliefs, unfulfilling careers, and damaging relationships.

“There is this concept of being trapped in a personal prison,” Whitaker explains. “It can be something in our relationships, it can be in our careers – it can just be how you’re thinking about things.”

She compares it to the television classic The Andy Griffith Show, when Otis Campbell would lock himself into the town jail each night – and each morning, he would unlock the door and walk out.

“That’s how we often are as women, we lock ourselves into this box,” Whitaker says. “But we have the ability to unlock it, we have the keys. So, I help people through that process.”

For Whitaker, an important part of her success as a life coach and public speaker is her willingness to share her own story. When other women understand what she has gone through, and that she was able to overcome it, they are more willing to seek the help they need, Whitaker says. Often, the first step can be the hardest one to take.

“I was in an abusive relationship from an emotional and financial perspective, and no matter how much you coach yourself, or you get coached, if you don’t deal with that number one thing that is pulling you down, you will continue to stay trapped,” Whitaker says. “I was living the same year over and over, year after year. And I had to say, in order for me to help somebody deal with their biggest struggle, I needed to attack and deal with my biggest struggle.”

Now, Whitaker is on a mission to empower women every day to both understand and overcome their biggest hurdles. By connecting with a professional life coach, she says, anyone can not only conquer their greatest challenges but do it faster and with less stress.

“Left to your own devices, your brain does what it does which is spin out of control,” Whitaker says. “You could be in it for weeks, months, or years thinking about the same things and addressing it the same ways. What a good coach does is help you get perspective, ask powerful questions, help you plan it out, and ultimately lead you toward an aha moment.” That moment when it clicks, when it shifts, when your life transforms. 

By doing so, Whitaker has helped thousands of women achieve extraordinary goals in their careers, relationships, and lives. As the founder of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching, Whitaker provides a dynamic 12-week group coaching program called Women Ready to Move Academy and exclusive one-on-one coaching for VIP clients. 

For women struggling with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, Whitaker encourages them that they are not alone – and that asking for help can be the first step toward unlocking the door toward a brighter future.

“A lot of times we don’t ask for what we need,” Whitaker says. “So, we sit in this place of being stationary, being stalled, being stuck.”

Although asking for help is a critical first step, Whitaker says another common obstacle is not valuing “self” enough to invest in their most important resource: themselves.

“We invest in houses and cars, formal education, we invest in our kids,” Whitaker says. “But when it comes to investing in our brain, how we’re thinking, we believe that may be too much.”

Yet Whitaker believes that the transformative power of coaching is available to all women who are willing to ask for help and invest in themselves – women who are ready for positive change.

“Everyone can benefit from a life coach,” Whitaker says. “Coaching can change your life.”

Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker is a physician, author, speaker, and life coach. She is the founder of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching as well as the author of Marked From Birth, which will be released in May 2022. 

To learn more about Dr. Whitaker’s coaching programs, visit www.infullbloomhealthandlifecoaching.com.

To book Dr. Whitaker for a speaking engagement, please visit www.drmarceabspeaks.com.

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