Dr. Joseph Jacobs and the ASTR Institute: Revolutionizing Chronic Pain Treatments

While many agree that healthcare services should be available to everyone, the fact remains that many procedures are not accessible due to their expensive cost. Cognizant of this, Dr. Joseph Jacobs decided to create ASTR Institute, a groundbreaking and budget-friendly alternative for individuals in need of medical attention.

The revolutionary platform uses a biopsychosocial model with a comprehensive medical approach. It stands for Advanced Soft Tissue Release, which is a new treatment model developed to help patients address their chronic pain. 

However, the product also caters to other medical concerns, such as proper nutrition, scar tissue, fascia restrictions, posture, inflammation, ergonomics, body mechanics, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

What prompted Dr. Joseph Jacobs to build the innovative product is his firsthand experience with pain as a cancer survivor who used to suffer from chronic pain such as migraines, headaches, and fatigue, as well as a myriad of other health issues. He saw that in order to get proper treatment, patients need to see five to seven healthcare providers, which not only costs a lot of money, but also requires time and effort. 

Before long, the Doctor of Physical Therapy made it his mission to provide a better experience for these people; thus, the ASTR Institute was born. As he confidently shared, “ASTR solves this issue by teaching patients to implement the entire model at the comfort of their home and without breaking their banks.”

Aside from its remarkable vision, its reliability makes the venture stand out. As a testament to Dr. Joseph Jacobs’ commitment to his advocacy, he spent the past ten years studying, researching, developing, and patenting new techniques and tools. As a result, users are guaranteed that the programs included are backed by sound scientific research and supported by more than 40 scientific studies. 

In line with its promise of accessibility, ASTR Institute has a wide array of step-by-step online programs and easy-to-use kits available for patients who have the capacity to treat themselves at home. 

With this, patients learn the essential techniques they can use to soothe the pain they feel. This level of involvement effectively puts the patient in control of their pain management, therefore supplementing their other medical treatments and making the process easier.

On top of that, it has patented tools that gently break down scar tissue and fascia restriction while reducing the inflammation that often leads to chronic pain. In addition to its individual clients, the brand also creates high-quality programs and tool kits for providers looking to offer their patients fast and long-term pain relief.

Because of the ASTR Institute, Dr. Joseph Jacobs has helped alleviate the pain many are experiencing and has profoundly revolutionized chronic pain treatment. Moving forward, the venture aims to continue helping more patients and become an authority in terms of providing a self-treatment approach to chronic pain. 

Above all, he hopes to improve the quality of their lives. He optimistically remarked, “With the tools I invented and the methods I developed, patients can overcome their disability and pain.”

Find out more about Dr. Joseph Jacobs’ ASTR Institute by visiting its official website.

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