A Conversation With Pediatric Dentist Dr. Sukrit Grewal

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Dr. Sukrit Grewal is a renowned pediatric dentist based in Detroit, Michigan. Born and raised in India, he comes from a family of medical professionals, with both parents being doctors and a sister who is also a pediatric dentist. Dr. Grewal’s academic journey in dentistry began at the Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies in Delhi, followed by further specialization in pediatric dentistry at Tufts University, Boston, and a DDS from Detroit Mercy Dental. An Associate Professor at Detroit Mercy Dental, he founded Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, blending his passion for dental care with a commitment to child-centric approaches. Dr. Grewal is also known for his contributions to the community, supporting organizations like the Mann Kind Foundation and York House School. His hobbies include cycling and cooking, adding a personal touch to his distinguished professional profile.

Q&A with Dr. Sukrit Grewal

Dr. Grewal, can you tell us a bit about your background and where you grew up?

Dr. Grewal: Certainly. I grew up in India in a family deeply rooted in the medical profession. Both of my parents are doctors, and my sister is also in the dental field as a pediatric dentist.

What led you to pursue a career in dentistry, and where did you complete your education?

Dr. Grewal: Dentistry has always fascinated me, particularly pediatric dentistry. My educational journey began at the Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies in Delhi. I then moved to the United States, where I completed my pediatric dentistry at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. I also attended Detroit Mercy Dental for my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

What is your current professional role?

Dr. Grewal: Currently, I’m an Associate Professor at Detroit Mercy Dental. Alongside this, I founded Kids First Pediatric Dentistry in Detroit, Michigan, which has been a very fulfilling endeavor.

Aside from your professional life, what are some of your personal interests?

Dr. Grewal: I’m quite passionate about cycling and cooking. Both activities offer me a great way to unwind and enjoy my time outside of the dental office.

I understand you’re involved in charitable work. Could you tell us more about that?

Dr. Grewal: Yes, giving back to the community is something I strongly believe in. I’m involved with the Mann Kind Foundation and have also supported the York House School through donations. It’s important to me to contribute positively to society, especially in areas related to education and health.

What advice would you offer to students or young professionals aspiring to enter the field of pediatric dentistry?

Dr. Grewal: My advice to aspiring pediatric dentists is to always maintain a sense of empathy and patience. Working with children requires a unique approach, as it’s not just about dental care but also about creating a comfortable and reassuring environment for young patients. Stay committed to continuous learning and be open to new techniques and technologies in dentistry. And most importantly, remember that your work has a profound impact on children’s health and their perception of dental care, so always strive to make each experience a positive one.

Key Takeaways

  • Commitment to Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Sukrit Grewal emphasizes the importance of specialized care in pediatric dentistry. His educational and professional journey highlights his dedication to this field, showcasing how specialized training and a focused approach can make a significant difference in treating young patients.
  • The Role of Family and Background in Career Choice: Dr. Grewal’s decision to pursue a career in dentistry was notably influenced by his family background in the medical field. This underscores the impact that family and upbringing can have on career choices, especially in specialized fields like healthcare.
  • Importance of Community Involvement and Giving Back: A key aspect of Dr. Grewal’s professional ethos is his commitment to community service and philanthropy. His involvement with organizations like the Mann Kind Foundation and York House School demonstrates how professionals can extend their impact beyond their immediate field of work and contribute positively to broader societal needs.

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