Yxngj.o Is the Next Big Artist Out of London

Yxngj.o is a London born rapper who’s beats and new melodic sound are generating headlines throughout the London area. Since coming into the industry in late 2020, yxngj.o patiently watched and waited as his peers around him flourished into stardom. (jebjosh), the producer behind the groundbreaking hit “will be baking” with Drake, spoke on the young artists behalf referring to yxngj.o as “a generational talent that simply can’t be overlooked.” Another one of his fellow musical peers growing up was Lil Tecca. They both would work together endlessly in the studio day and night to achieve their goals. After watching people like Jahmar Carter and Lil Tecca shine, he continued to support his friends and their aspirations.

Yxngj.o always knew his time would come and kept working hard at his craft. After dropping his breakthrough hit record “Fast Life” he caught the attention of not just his hometown but fans in the uk as well. Following it up with yet another hit “Relocate” there has since been no debate that yxngj.o is a born star and potentially the next big up and coming hip hop talent in the industry. After speaking with the rapper himself he disclosed to us his plans for his upcoming debut album and how it will consist of 10 beats . Regardless of what songs he puts on the album, I can tell you this, if it is anything like his past hits he’s released there is no doubt yxngj.o is bound for success! Keep an eye on this upcoming talent as he shoots for the stars.

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